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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Come get yo' kids
It's Christmastime. I'm well aware of it, but all the kids in our families won't let me forget. With me having 70+ nieces and nephews--I stopped counting at 72 (that does include the step fam) and with D having 7 of his own, we have frequent reminders that it's time to buy gifts. About 25 of them are under the age of 18, so we get emails and phonecalls all the time that go something like this:

"Uncle D! Aunt Tasha! I've been good all year. You know it's Christmas riiiiight? I'm really good at playing the bowling game on my friend's Wii. It would be nice to not have to play the game at their house. I could share it with my sisters/brothers/parents"

I don't know when it became okay to solicit gifts like that, and I've attempted to put the kids (AND their parents) in check, but since we're family we get it the worst.

But outside the family, kids everyone is getting bold. Maybe it's that time of year or maybe people just need more home training. Here are some conversations I've had lately:

Conversation with my Jewish friend's 11 year old daughter while at their house for dinner
Her: So what are you going to get me for Christmas?
Me: Don't you celebrate Hanukkah?
Her: I'm an equal opportunity gift receiver. My mom taught me that.
Me: Do your mom and dad celebrate Christmas?
Her: Sure do. We're Jewish, but we have a Christmas tree. We don't do that birth of Jesus stuff. We just give gifts
Her mom: *looking horrified* TV. The kids see the stuff on TV so we don't want them to feel left out *chuckles*

Conversation with my 7 year old niece and her friend when they came to visit
Me: Are you ready for Santa
Niece's Friend: Ms. Tasha, you are not keeping it real. There is no Santa.
Me: Oh really. What do you know about keeping things real
Niece: Yeah, I know it's fake. I watch the news.
Me: I still believe in Santa, because he lives in everyone
Niece: So we're Santa's representatives?
Me: Something like that.
Niece's Friend: You're really smart Ms. Tasha. Wow. She's Santa's rep-uh-sentive. You know what I'm gettin' this year?

Conversation with a grown ass man (one of my uncle's friends) just before Thanksgiving
Man: *with that 'game' look in his eyes* What do you want for Christmas?
Me: A can of mace
Man: Damn it's like that huh?

Like my mother would say: "Come get yo' chirrens!"


lolololol!! yes mace!!

jews would be equal opportunity "receivers". let me say i want 7 days of gifts like jewish people and they'd be all up in arms...

Blogger Enchantress said...

I am raoflmao on that last one! Well, you know what they say about Christmas becoming too commercial. I hope my eldest doesn't become that way. She seems excited, but not losing her mind that she's going to get everything under the sun.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From one of your drive-by readers:

That was funny, I needed a good laugh this morning.

Blogger James Tubman said...

ga damnnnnnn!

you are gonna go broke buying presents for all of them

i feel sorry for you but yet i'm jealous because that's a lot of love right there

you should be thankful

Anonymous The Goddess said...

OMG! People really need to teach their kids some home training. That was too funny. One of the many reasons I'm so looking forward to the end of the holidays.

Blogger Gunfighter said...

Man: *with that 'game' look in his eyes* What do you want for Christmas?
Me: A can of mace
Man: Damn it's like that huh?


Blogger Dark & Stormy said...

I was raised with Christmas being about picking out a tree (we get a real one every year), decorating the tree while singing songs & sippin eggnog, and going to the Christmas church service with Grandma. Those were the days...

BTW- my mom never bought Chrtismas gifts. Still doesn't. I had plenty of gifts from other family members & friends, but moms refused to hype up that material, commercial side of Christmas. As a grown woman, I have much respect for that.

Blogger Ms. Behaving said...

LMAO @ you tellin' dude you want a can of mace for Christmas. [Bet'cha the look on his face was priceless behind that shyt huh?!?!? ] LOLOLOLOL

NO your Jewish friend's daughter did NOT say she was an "equal opportunity gift receiver"?!?!?!

Ain't that about some bool shit!?!?!

Blogger AR Gal said...

ROFLMBAO! bwahahahahahaha

This post was funny as hell! Thanks for the laughs.

Anonymous Erica C. said...

I thought I had it bad with the Glam Squad!

This was a good post. I'm still rollin about your uncle's friend. LOL

Blogger dalia said...

"a can of mace."



thanks for my laugh this morning. i'm fittin' to go to a funeral and this perked me up a bit.

Blogger jameil1922 said...

yep. just like that. and EVERYONE get their kids.

Blogger CW said...

"Conversation with a grown ass man (one of my uncle's friends) just before Thanksgiving
Man: *with that 'game' look in his eyes* What do you want for Christmas?
Me: A can of mace
Man: Damn it's like that huh?"

LMAO....You said just the things I'd be thinking in the same situation....Like he could possibly grant ANYTHING to ANYONE...

BWDB http://thecwexperience.wordpress.com

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