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Friday, November 09, 2007
Happy Birthday to Ya!!
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Today is D's birthday, so it's a party all day. I can hear Eddie Murphy singing now, "My girl wants to party alll the tiiiiiiimmmee...." (If you don't know that song, be thankful)*shaking head*. Anyway, we're going out with a bunch of our friends for dinner and drinks later on. He's usually pretty mellow--even about birthdays, but he's all hyped about going out tonight. A few of the people we're going out with are all hyped and acting funny about tonight too...so I know something is up. We'll see though. I got my digital camera back, so I'll have photographic evidence to use in case I need to blackmail someone later, lol.

The rest of the weekend I'll be out and about with my girl L, and then doing more wedding stuff. Sunday though, will be a study in bumology--me, the couch, football, and a beer or two. Just the way it's supposed to be, lol. Just for the weekend, I hope to forget about cancer and ovaries and pain.

Anyway, it's Friday. It's Payday. It's a great day. Hope yall have a good weekend. Stay blessed and fab.


Blogger jameil1922 said...

live it up girl! lmao @ "My girl wants to party alll the tiiiiiiimmmee"!! too funny. happy bday, d!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah it's payday for me too but it's also pay-some-bills-day.

Happy Birfday to D!!!

Anonymous Erica C. said...

Have a blessed B-day D!!!

Tasha, have a good weekend!

Anonymous The Goddess said...

Yeah, sounds suspicious to me too. Can't wait to see the evidence. LOL

Hope you have a good time and enjoy your weekend.

Blogger PAJNSTL said...

Happy Birthday!! Have fun tonight and don't end up on the other side of the camera in some incriminating photo!! LOL

Anonymous Black Mamba said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You gotta party like it's 1999 - oh, yeah!!!

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