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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
I Know What You Did
Dear Waiting Room Lady,

Going to the doctor can be stressful I know. Really, I understand. I've seen more labcoats and stethescopes in the last three months than I have since birth. And I understand everybody reacts to stress in different ways, but I'm at a loss when it comes to your situation.

The small talk was fine. Yeah, I know snow is in the forecast and we have differing opinions on the white flaky stuff. I love it, you hate it. I can drive in it, you can't. It's alright though, cuz we share a common ground in our appreciation for the Jackson 5 Christmas music that was playing in the office. Jokes about what Mike's done to himself. Cute.

But then you started up, and things got awkward. You untied your shoes and proceeded to remove your red socks, which just happened to be full of lint pillballs. Yeah, you were that close to me. I could see that ish. Then you took a tissue out of your little kitty cat kleenex holder and wiped the sweat off of your feet. I threw up in my mouth just a little, and you looked at the receptionist (who was looking at you like you stole something) and looked back at me then whimpered and said, "My feet get so sweaty when I'm stressing and nervous. Important doctor visit you know". You then pulled a Mr. Rogers move and calmly put your sweat-laced socks back on and tied your shoes back up. Jesus, take the wheel.

From one woman to another, and because I know the receptionist wanted to say something to you but didn't have the heart, let me advise you that this is not normal waiting room protocol. I can understand fidgeting because you're nervous, or maybe even passing gas because your stomach is unsettled from the nerves. But full out shoe removal is wrong. If you're going to do something like that, at least change your socks or put some powder in your shoes, woman. I'd understand if it was summertime and you were wearing flip flops and just took your foot out of the shoe. Hell, I do it all the time. But no. It's cold, it's December, it was 8AM, and you were wearing hiking SHOES (wtf, I've never seen hiking shoes before, but this isn't about me). That's not acceptable. You are a nasty ass. Oh, and your feet smell like goat cheese. You need to work on that.

Thanks for ruining my morning!


Anonymous Black Mamba said...

Wow, I just threw up a little. Gross! I don't understand why people do crap like that.

Blogger Lady~Daydreamer said...

LOL....now that's just nasty.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

She should have took her sweaty azz feet to the bathroom if she needed to wipe those dogs. Just nasty!

Anonymous The Goddess said...

LMAO! OH MY GOSH! I can't stop laughing. That was too funny! But poor you for having to be subjected to THAT so early in the day. Hell ANY time of day is bad for having to deal with that kind of crap. And EWWWW! Gross! I can't fathom why someone would do something like THAT in public. YUCK! LMAO!!!!

Anonymous Erica C. said...

EWWWWW!!! That was straight SLACK!!!

Blogger jameil1922 said...

LMAO!! TASHA!! that was so ig!! i can't believe that happened. sigh.

Blogger aquababie said...

that was just gross. that reminds me of when i used to work at the drug store. sweaty women would pull money out of their bosoms....gross


feet in public is a NO NO! unless its summertime in the south, i don't want to see no feet!! i'm not disgusted by feet but i'm def not a foot person. i would've said something. no, i would've laughed.

she was white wasn't she?

Blogger Golden Silence said...

People are weird. That woman sounds creepy.

Blogger Ladynay said...

See up until the end I was gonna ask if her feet stunk! LOL

She knew she should have put something to fight the sweat in her shoes that morning...she knew!

Blogger AR Gal said...

Sounds like that broad was @ the wrong kind of doctor.

Blogger Leoninatl said...

That is disgusting to the hunnert degree...

...I'll save my story about the time I had to work with someone who would dust off his psoraiasis flakes every whichaway.

Blogger KimPossible said...

I just threw up in my mouth. That is just nasty!

Keep in touch and drop by my spot.


Blogger Ms. Behaving said...


Well...there's one for the WTF files!!!!

Blogger zackattack said...

Your faith was tested, and you did well! LOL!

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