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Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Three Hunned
Wow, this is my 300th post! I can't believe that milestone came so quick. *wipes tear* And I'd like to thank the Academy...

Moving on, this leave of absence has given me the chance to do stuff and go places during the weekday that I usually wouldn't get to otherwise and I keep running into situations where I'm asking "where is your mother?".

Like one day last week, I went to Dun.k.in Don.uts at like 11:30 in the morning to get some yummy high-calorie coffee goodness and there was a kid probably about 8 years old standing at the counter in front of me.

Employee: "How can I help you young man?"
Kid: "I want coffee. With creams and sugars and equals and milk"
Employee: "All of that in one coffee? What size"
Kid: "Coffee is liquid. It doesn't come in a special size"
Employee: "Well what size cup do you want me to put the coffee in?"
Kid: "Well it's for my mom and my mom's pretty fat so I'd say the biggest Extra Large you have"
Me: "Where's your mom?"
Kid: "In the car"
Employee: "You might want to go get her so we can make sure we get her order right"
Kid: "FINE!! But I'm gonna tell her that you're mean"

Umm, really now. Parental guidance is mandatory, not suggested. I know you want Timmy to learn how to function in a grown up world and learn how to order for himself, but you need to be there to help him along the way. Watching from the soccermom van is not the same.

And last Friday I was on my way to get an oil change and had pulled up to the stoplight leading out of my complex. I saw three boys and two girls who couldn't have been older than 7th or 8th grade walking on the sidewalk next to me. Mind you it was 1:30 PM, not a book or bookbag in sight. One of the little dudes pulled a black n' mild from behind his ear, lit it up and took a puff, then passed it to one of the girls. My light turned green, but I was ready to scream out of the window, "Shouldn't you be in school? Where is your mama?!"

People, why are your kids running amok? I guess I shouldn't be surprised at seeing stuff like this cuz we all know 8 year olds and 7th graders act more grown than real grown people, but damn is it so hard to get them to stay in the classroom for a little while?

Have any of you had to ask "where is yo' mama?!"?? Get at me in the comments


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 8 yr old mother was wrong for letting him go into the store by himself.

I'm always asking "where's your mom" when I see kids around 13/14 outside @ 9pm by themselves. Then there's always a little little child(around 5 yrs old) with them.

Anonymous Sugar said...

It's all so disgusting! The thing is, some and mind you I said some (lol) of those mamas may think those little bastards are where they said they were going to be. Teenagers are a trip!

Blogger James Tubman said...

congrats on your 300th blog

you should thank the academy you have provided me with a true lesson in persistence

i hope you feel better

you know, while i do believe that parents should take care of their children i also believe that many of the parents are struggling in thier own lives

many have to deal with working overtime plus two and three jobs

most of black households (and white households) are single female headed so chances are the female parent is trying to raise this kid by herself

i'm not trying to make excuses but these parents need help

in afrika, the people who were responsible for raising the boys to be men was not necessarily the father

the responsible males in that society had the obligation of raising that boy to be a "worthy" man

and the same for women

we need to create more after school programs so that the responsible males and females can help raise these children so that they don't go astray

forgive me for my wordiness

my girlfriend always complain i talk to much

which is unusual

Anonymous Arjewtino said...

Congrats on 300.

Ordering something -- anything -- at DD is an adventure in and of itself. Never do so when in a rush.

Blogger Enchantress said...

It drives me absolutely crazy, here in Utah, how people are with their kids. I've never seen it quite like this in any other state I've lived in. My friend, a former Mormon, calls it "The Child of Zion" theory; this belief that children are perfect and wonderful just the way they are and they can do no wrong.

We were in a Blockbuster one night standing in line. I live in a military town, so the diversity here is a bit better than in Salt Lake proper. (This will mean something in a minute) I'd say 85% of the population is Mormon and deals with their kids in the same way. Anyway, this kid was running crazy through the store, hollering and screaming like he had lost his mind. My hubby and I were like, "Where is his mama?" and a gentlemen in front of us (in military fatigues) says, "I know what that kid needs," (pointing to his belt). Several other people in line agreed and chuckled.

Finally, his mother appeared with three other children clinging to her and simply said over and over again in a calm voice with no authority at all, "Stop crying honey, or you won't get the movie you want." He continued to scream and she paid for his movie. I just thought of the time my mother pulled me out of a grocery store and wore my butt out in the parking lot. Her reaction is why kids are running their parents (sorry, I just pretty much blogged in your comments).

Anonymous The Goddess said...

Not only do I ask where is your mama, but I find myself saying your parents need their ARSS kicked!!!!

You can only imagine what type of example the parents are setting for the kids to be out there acting like that. Not to say that even the best kids don't get a little out of hand when there isn't any supervision, but not too the extreme where they are acting a complete FOOL.

I long for the days when a neighbor would take a switch to a kid they saw acting up. Girl I'd be beating butts all day long. LOL. Just kidding.

Blogger Ms. Behaving said...

Happy Three Hunnedth Tasha :-)

[insert record scratch here] He said whaaaa????

Gurl these kids now-a-days are outta damn control. I can't begin to tell you how many times a day I ask myself that same question ["Where is yo' mama"!?!?!]

What's sad tho' is that alot of these parents are as bad if not worse than the damn kids [so you can see where they get it from].

It's a damn shame to say the least [SMH]

Blogger Miz JJ said...

That child is too damn fast. People let their children in on all sorts of things that are for grown folks only. I can't believe the child called his mother fat. Daaaaamn.

Blogger AR Gal said...

The biggest extra large you have......lol. that cracked me up!

Congrats on #300

not the biggest extra large!!!!! from the mouth of babes, i love it!

Blogger Golden Silence said...

Congrats on 300!

You know how I feel about kids, especially in DC. No guidance, no home training, and no manners. I wish we could start whoopin' the asses of the parents---they're the real reason why kids in DC are f***ed up.

Blogger jameil1922 said...

300!! get it big time!! i just realized i passed 300 back in november and didn't even notice!! shouldn't blogger send out alarm bells or congrats or something?! geez! lolol.

hmmmm.... i try to stay away from children b/c in general i find them to be intolerable. this one woman had 4 young kids and was sooooo rude. i just felt awful for her kids i wanted to ask the momma where HER momma was.

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