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Friday, December 07, 2007
Help a sista out
It's 1:40AM and I'm looking for either a dentist or a pair of pliers. Right now, I'd kinda prefer the pliers. Just take matters into my own hands and get things done quick fast and in a hurry. My neighbor made us some peanut butter and toffee cookies and brought them over last night. Wonderful! Ahh yes, we love our neighbors.

But apparently my teeth don't like my neighbors. I think Mrs. Neighbor put a little too much toffee or molasses or whatever sticky stuff goes in those things cuz a filling in my back tooth got caught up in the cookie and came.completely.out. I spat out an entire filling. Granted it's like 5 years old, but I thought fillings are supposed to last a lifetime.

Now I'm in pain. I can't describe it but to say I feel like my molars got hit by a train. I only had three fillings in my mouth, but I guess I can now bring that number to 2. Except for me being in pain at such a stupid hour of the morning, it normally wouldn't be a big deal--just go to the dentist ASAP and get it taken care of right? Well, MY DENTIST'S OFFICE IS CLOSED FOR VACATION AND WON'T BE BACK FOR ANOTHER WEEK.

This is where I need the help of my DC or Bmore people. I'm so desperate I'd drive to Philly to get this mess taken care of. I hurt so bad there are no tears. Can any of you recommend an emergency dentist? I called one, but they're on call so I'm waiting for a call back. I can't go a whole weekend like this.

Email me or leave your suggestion in the comment box. Thanks in advance.


Blogger Gunfighter said...

Dr Richard Lee

2nd Street SE (right across from the Library of Congress)

He's pretty good.

Blogger KimPossible said...

Awe Tasha, I am sorry to hear about your tooth. Girl, it is nothing like a tooth ache. I hope your DC peeps can help you out. I am all the way in the "A" girl. By the time you get here you could have fixed the filling yourself. LOL! God, I hope you can get that fixed TODAY!

Blogger AR Gal said...

I know I'm not in the area but until you get to a dentist try taking extra strength Excedrin. It's helped me through some pretty severe pain.

Anonymous Black Mamba said...

Awww...I'm sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I cannot handle dental pain and while I can't recommend an emergency dentist I can let you know what I use. All dental aches I tend to use excederin migraine. Primarily cuss I get migraines, but I also found that when a tooth was throbbing it helped me out and got rid of the pain.

Other than that, I hope you can get it taken care of soon...

Blogger James Tubman said...

you should try some tylenol pm

or if its still hurting i normally just drink the pain away

Anonymous The Goddess said...

OUCH! I'm sorry your in pain. It WOULD suck to have to go all weekend like that.

I hope you were able to find a dentist and are feeling better.

Blogger Enchantress said...

I'm so sorry. That sounds awful! Seems to me your own office would have a stand-by for emergencies or something. They just left all their clients high and dry? I hope you can get it taken care of quickly. Good luck!

sorry babe, im in the ATL. have a great weekend

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep it real, girl!

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