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Thursday, May 10, 2007
The Birds and Rats
They're everywhere. Trying to make my life miserable. Squawking at every given moment, getting in the way of things. Home, work, I seem to run into them almost anywhere I go. No, I don't mean the winged, feathered kind either. I'm talking about the worst bunch--The Ghetto Birds.

Some of them really aren't that bad--good girls who just haven't been taught any better, so they follow what the other birds tell them to do rather than follow their own minds.

However, I work with a few that are not good girls gone bird. These chicks are on some other mess, and I am really left wondering how they got hired, and what I did to deserve the punishment of working with them. Yeah, they have typical ghetto bird and hood rat tendencies like the extra loud gum popping, unnecessary cussin, busted weave wearing, and having curved nails the length of a yardstick. Not to mention the outfits that all come from the $10 store. (and no, I don't have a problem with the $10 store...goodness knows I've gotten some cute stuff from there too, but when your business casual outfit has "Sexy" or "Diva" silk screened in a visible location, then it's time to upgrade your shopping). I can deal with those habits with no problem, but of course these aren't your average birds.

Every single day that I walk into my project's section of the cubicle farm, the same four chicks welcome me with the up and down stares--you know the one. Bernie Mac said it best...like someone is looking at you like they wanna do something or like you're shorter than them, lol. Anyway, I get that same look every single time I go to my desk. If I bring a friend from another department to my desk to visit, we both get the same looks. This morning, one "rat" actually sucked her teeth and sighed at me and my girl from the other department. Both of us asked what her problem was and she rolled her eyes and said, "Yall." I could have gone somewhere with that, but I'm too old to be getting involved in some petty ish like that.

On Monday, I had to black out on one of the birds though. One thing about me..don't mess with my money, my food, my car, or my man. I'll work with you on just about anything else, but those other things are non-negotiable. I was on my way to lunch, going into the pantry to get my food out of the fridge when I see the fat one with my lunchbag on the counter warming up MY food. It was still in my bowl!! And she was reaching in MY bag to get the grapes I'd put in there for snack. I called her on it, and she had the nerve to catch an attitude with me. She was like, "Heffa, Ohnoyoudidn't. I'mma eat what I want when I want". Bitch, I don't care if you *might* be pregnant and *might* be eating for 2. You don't eff with my food. So of course she went and told my boss that I was harassing her, so we had to have a team meeting in Kumbaya-fashion about being nice to each other. Girl, I know you think what you did was real gangsta, but I know what you drive. I will see your ass in the parking lot. *Yeah, I got a lil hood rat in me too, lol*

This other chick, I don't know what I can do with her. She looked at the picture on my desk of me and Hunny, then looked back at me and popped her teeth (a sound that's kind of like popping gum, but without anything in your mouth) and said, "If you weren't a pretty cool person, I'd steal him away from you." Now that's some stuff you just don't say to another female. I can't say that comes from having ghetto bird tendencies, but that's just plain trifling.

The other girls are an every day assortment of "My side dude got me pregnant and I don't know how to tell my main boo", "My man slangs dope and I'm not about to tell him to stop cuz I like being able to go shopping whenever", "My boo is in jail", and various other baby daddy beat my ass type drama. And the dudes, well...there aren't enough words in the English language for me to narrow them down right now.

There are maybe 3 of us on my particular project that act like we have some sense, but we are placed on opposite sides of the cubicle farm, so we don't get to interact too often. If this foolishness keeps up, I may end up blacking out on someone for real. I hope I can get a transfer to another project or cost center soon. Yes, I love my job...really I do, but the birds are circilng overhead. NO more!!


Blogger Ladynay said...

Part of me don't want to believe you work with such foolishness! I mean what kind of woman is gonna tell you to your face she'll steal your man? WTH? Shoot better yet, what type of woman will go after someone elses man? UGHHHHHHHHHHH!

The nerve of the chick to knowingly eat on your lunch then go tell higher up you harrassing? Huh? What? I mean I can understand if you two brought the same tv dinner that day or something and she didn't see your initials. But that is just...just...trife!

Blogger Golden Silence said...

I cannot stand ghetto people...always causing trouble and have the nerve to get indignant when someone calls them on it. Too bad no one can bring in someone from the outside to give those hos some home training and common sense...or have D. West from Maury yell at them.

I've worked in places with ghetto bitches giving me grief in the past. One example: at the telemarketing center (lowest of the low) I worked at during college some chick I hadn't seen before started ragging on me---how I spoke, my voice (she asked if I smoked because she thought I sounded like a "man"...whatever), and other things. Then she started giving me the stank eye. I got fed up, cursed her out and quit (she bobbed her head in this sing-songy way like she was ignoring me---that got under my skin even more). The daughter of my mother's friend was a manager there and had that chick fired.

Ghetto behavior is really sad and ridiculous. I'm sorry you have to go through that now. I hope something good comes along the way.

Blogger Always.Funky.Fresh said...

I want you to tell me that this is a lie. Please Tasha. All you gotta say is Fresh....I made this story up and I'll be okay. :) I can not believe that people still act like this in the workplace. I've heard stories here at my job but never encountered it. But what you just typed...what you just said...it's past unacceptable. Maan, best of luck with that spot....

Blogger jameil1922 said...

seriously. my mouth fell open. she actually replied "Yall"?? really? what's up high school? i'm appalled. i would be PISSED if i worked w/people like this.

Blogger Miz JJ said...

This sounds like a joke. Seriously it sounds unreal. Some bitch ate your lunch and had the nerve to cop an attitude about it. Are you kidding me? That is beyond ridiculous. What was her argument for eating food that was not hers? That is some seriously ridiculous shit. You were harassing her because you asked her not to eat your lunch? Is she kidding with that shit? Who runs your HR Mickey Mouse. Damn.

And the chick who said she would steal your man needs to be smacked upside her head.

Blogger Tasha said...

I'm so serious! I wish I could say this is all a joke, but alas...this is the world I work in

Blogger TDJ said...

Oh Tash! That's some sh*t. You're putting up with that nonsense everyday? Guuuuurl, let me know if we need to roll on them birds after work one day. Obviously, they need to be "taught" a few things. :)

Anonymous Sugar said...

Where in the hell do you work, in the general population of a prison? lol Geesh.

Anonymous aulelia said...

that girl who said that she would steal him from you is not serious!! sometimes you have to worry about how some people behave towards others. i'm guessing that she doesn't have an exact sisterhood of friends!!

Blogger Bklyn Diva said...

OMG.. girl I know how you feel with your lunch!! I had that issue.. with the ONE TIME I tried to eat a Lean Cuisine.. NAME ALL ON DA BOX..Heffa says.. OOPS I thought it was mine.. NO BIATCH YOU KNEW!!!!

but I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry you have to go through that.. YOU REALLY LOVE DAT JOB.. cause I'll be on MONSTER.COM lookign like a mug!!!

sad to know that this is actually true and not a joke!!!!

Blogger Gunfighter said...

Be patient, Tasha. All will be well.

Don't be a pushover... but try not to kirk out in the office.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where in God's name do you work ? !!! That is some straiht ghetto foolishness to have to put up with that bull ish at your place or employment.

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