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Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Life just got extra damn unfabulous. I'm moving in with Hunny at the end of this week, which in itself is great, but SO not on my timeline. This decision was made on Monday, so I have an entire apartment to sort and move in 5 MFin days. See, the ceiling literally caved in over my bed and in my bathroom, so the place is uninhabitable. Ceiling parts fell on me in my MFin sleep!! According to the lease office, this is no big fuggin deal--they say it's still livable in there, and I should give them a few days to fix the problem. And oh, did I mention, when I went to take a shower yesterday morning, there was a MUSHROOM growing out of the fuggin drain?! Moldy shit was spewing the fugg out of the drain like it's normal. I'm hellaciously allergic to mold, so that's completely unacceptable. I'm not Super Mario or Luigi--collecting toadstool mushroom princesses is some shit I should only do on a gotdamned video game!

So I'm doing something I would normally never do, and chunking the deuces to the place I've called home for 16 months with all of 5 days notice. Hell no, I'm not paying May's rent here--they're just going to have to sue my black ass. I'm not giving 30 days notice, hell, I can't. I am mentally prepared for the nasty ass lawsuit that will ensue, and I most certainly have pictures and my allergist's statement about my mold allergy.

I've got my bedroom completely packed, and most of the stuff is at his place already, and I just finished my bathroom and hallway closets. I've got my living room, dining room, and kitchen left to do. Thankfully, my brother has a truck and will be helping me to move my furniture into storage. Poor Hunny wants to help me pack, but he doesn't know what I want to toss or keep, and I can't take a day off to do it since I just started the new job. So I'm stuck this week...my daily routine: shuttling from work to my apartment, packing as much as I can, loading up the cars, sending Hunny to work (he works midnights, and can't take a day off because they have a new class out of the police academy to train), going to his our apartment 15 minutes away, unloading my car, sleeping at his our place, driving an hour and twenty minutes to work, having Hunny call me when he gets off work to let me know that he unloaded his car, Hunny trying to take another load of stuff home before he goes to bed for the day, then driving back to my place after work and doing it all over again. I had to give my kitten to my step sister until I get settled, so my poor lil baby is all confused.

I'm beyond fumin' mad and on some new level of exhausted at this point, but thankfully Hunny's been more than understanding about it all. My apartment complex is run by one of the largest property management companies in the Mid-Atlantic region, so they automatically get the upper hand in court. This is all some bull shit. I don't understand how they couldn't even offer me a temporary place to stay. I don't care about the hit to my credit report if they try to say I skipped rent and pull some crazy ass eviction shit (they can't evict me if I'm not here anyway), I want my day in court and I will fight tooth and nail to get some kind of restitution.

I might be recruiting some of you DC Urrea bloggers to help a sista get this move done in record time cuz my body is straight exhausted and is beginning to fail me. UGGGGGGGHHHHH....Unfab-ness at it's very best!


Blogger Gunfighter said...

Don't laugh at me, Tasha... but I have no idea what "Chunking the dueces" means. Care to enlighten me?


Blogger Honey-Libra said...

WOW...YAHHH for the move in but UGGG to the way it occurred LOL

I know all about moving out...I had to break my lease with an unmentioned ghetto management company..email me and I'll give details LOL

Seriously though if it's within the area holla at me and we can converse over packing LOL...

I'm not gonna say have fun packing cause it's sucks but it'll be all over soon (hopefully)

Blogger SLUMP FACADE said...

Good luck on the move...

Blogger Miz JJ said...

That is crazy. I understand how you can feel unfab. Pieces of your ceiling fell on you and they are trying to say you can live in there? Whatever to them. Fight the power!!

Blogger Golden Silence said...

Good luck with that suit. You'll probably win because "a photo's worth 1000 words." Mushrooms growing out of the bathroom...ugh.

Blogger jameil1922 said...

the sky is fallin in your sleep?!?! wow! AND mushrooms?? ridiculous. check your lease for details on how you can get out of this.

Blogger telly serone said...

good luck if u gonna let ur landord sue u. but let me warn u, it dont matter if your defence makes sense, the system is geared to the landlord, especially if it a corporation. there is no justice 4 the tenant. the sytem is some bull-ish. trust me

Anonymous Sugar said...

Damn! A mushroom!? I would have just about lost my mind!! You need to call the State Attorney General's office and let them know what's going on and ask them what course of action you need to take legally on your own behalf. They should point you in the direction of the correct agency to help you get some clarity on what your rights are, and maybe even put their foot in the ass of that management company.

Oh, and call the county Health Department and whatever the state level health agency is called...and remember, you are a stone's throw from D.C.....so, if you need to contact some federal agencies for some extra muscle, why not? It can't hurt can it? I know you are focusing on the move right now, but when you are all settled, get on that phone and on that internet and you make sure you don't let them get away with this.

I'd offer a hand with the move :), but I'm going to be busy as hell with my job over this weekend and for the first few days of next week for this big awards program we do. Good luck!

Anonymous Sugar said...

Check out this address for the State Attorney Generals' Consumer Protection Division:


Don't let too much time go by!

Blogger TDJ said...

Oh Tasha! So sorry girl! Your management company is on some bullsh*t. I would throw my hat in the ring to help chica, but hubby and I are heading to NY for the weekend. Good luck and I hope you don't hurt your back.

Blogger `NEFTY said...

Sorry to hear that, try to stay fresh though!

Blogger Bklyn Diva said...

Girl.. sounds like a Southern Management Property.. but Ummmm

sugar gave you good advice.. I would contact them QUICKLY.. and also a lawyer and make sure you got copies of your copies, etc.. and your rent payment receipts to show that you have been a good tenant so to speak..

I hope everything works out for you and you got a good man on your team!

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