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Sunday, April 22, 2007
Weekend Rewind
I've been MIA recently because I went up to NYC for my great aunt's 90th birthday. It's always fun to get together with the fam for a mini reunion (said with some sarcasm). I found out that a bunch of my cousins live literally right up the street from me here in the Urrea, so we'll be hooking up for a night out soon. I also had a chance to see some old family photos from 1903. That was definitely special to see who we come from.

Of course, there were the people who haven't seen me since I was about 4 years old. "Ohmygoodness, I haven't seen you since you were knee high to a grasshopper" and lots of cheek pinching. They seem to forget that in 20+ years, I grew into a woman and don't appreciate being passed around like a Cabbage Patch Kid. They also seem to have forgotten that I deal with sketchy men trying to holla all the time, so they felt the need to point out each and every one to me. "Oooooh, he was loooooking at you!! He must liiiiike you. OOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhh". Damn yall, I'm not 14. Boooooooooo.

And of course, old people being who they are, feel the need to exert some level of control over my uterus. I was told that I need to 'give my mama some grandbabies' at least 20 times. Nevermind the fact that I'd like to finish grad school and get married first. Oh no, never that. I better pop out a baby before my reproductive organs turn to sludge--it's my obligation to my mama. When I heard it out of my great aunt's mouth, I turned to my mama and both of us just laughed. But then my mom had the nerve to say, "Well, you and Hunny's kids would be cute...". Mom dukes, I love you to death, but the closest you're going to get to having grandkids right now is my kitten and Hunny's puppy.

Before I left, Hunny and I got to talking about our living situation again. We've decided that at the end of our leases in August, we're going to get a place together, so now we're looking at townhouses (Umm, Ms. Honey Libra I'm starting to sound like you!!). It only makes sense because we basically live together as it is, and we want to be living somewhere central to both of our new jobs. We're going to visit the financial planner this week to get our stuff in order and also to work out individual retirement plans and as well as back up plans in case things with us don't work out. As unlikely as that sounds, we have to be prepared.

I start the new job tomorrow, and I'm so happy because I was really getting too good at housewifeydom. I'm used to my afternoon nap now though, so I know I'm going to be struggling to stay awake after lunch. I feel like a little kid the night before their first day of Kindergarten or something--new outfit, check...new hairstyle, check...lunch money, check...new (re)hire paperwork, check, etc. I went shopping with the girls on Friday and they said it looked like I was back-to-school shopping with all the stuff I bought. I gotta be fresh walking in there, lol.

Anyhoo, hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoyed the warm weather. Hopefully it'll last because I got a pedicure and a whole rack of open toed shoes I need to wear!


Blogger Ladynay said...

Gotta love the fam!

Good luck on the house hunt.

Don't eat real heavy at lunch so the itis doesn't hit you too hard! LOL

Blogger Bklyn Diva said...

Fabulous!!! just Fabulous!!! :)

congrats again on the new dig and you keep your uterus in check until you ready for babies! :) LOL

Blogger Gunfighter said...

Good to see you back, Tasha!

Blogger Miz JJ said...

You got a new job! Congrats. Last I heard you were inbetween gigs or something. Also, yay to you and your hunny moving in together.

Blogger eclectik said...


Good to see a new post, love the blog....what does the pedi look like? :)

Get over to the board woman!



The Message board (Grown folk talk)

Anonymous aulelia said...

aww congratulations Bella on all this great news!! i should say felicitations but the accents wont come up on this keyboard :) i hope the new job goes well and keep us up2date of course.


Blogger jameil1922 said...

why do old people like to point out every junebug looking in your direction? hilarious. i just realized no one stalked me about having children when i went home. that's fantastic! i would like to keep my open-toeds (wow that word) out too so i need this rain to leave and some sun to return!!

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