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Saturday, January 05, 2008
I moved!!
I got fed up with all the problems that Blo.gg.er has been giving me, so I've decided to finally get it together and move to another program.

You can find me now at:

Update your blogrolls, mmk. See you over there!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008
I Can Feel it In the Air
Happy New Year Yall. Just clearing some mental space...

I'm not usually a big fan of New Year's. All this 'New Year New You' stuff all over the place, making resolutions you know you won't keep. I've always been of the mind that there's no better time than the present to do better and be better. I can see how some people want to wait for the new year to transition away from old things...more of a mental motivation. I get it, just not for me.

But this year, something is different for me. I can feel change coming in the air. Something is brewing in my world, and I know somethings, some relationships, some of everything in my life will be coming to a crossroads soon. And for that reason, I'm putting in the extra work to make me a better me. There was a lot of old baggage that I've carried around for most of my life (a lot of it I didn't even recognize as baggage anymore, I just counted it as part of me) that I let go of in the last 12-18 months, and that's made some people uncomfortable. They knew me as the one to grouse with; the company that misery loves so much; the one who has such a fucked up life story that they listen to my story when they want to feel better about their own sorrows. They knew me as the one who they've hurt, the one who they've made feel lower than dirt. But I've forgiven and let it go. I've risen up, shaken it off, and seen myself without emotional baggage for the first time since March 1983. That makes them uncomfortable.

They're uncomfortable because they know that forgiveness means that they're the ones with the problem now. They have to live every day with the memory of what they put me through. Remorse turns into resentment, which will in turn become anger. I've seen it happen that way many times, so I know with me it will be no different. That's why I know it's time to make some changes for this new year. Be better, do better, know better. This way, my old baggage won't become the molehill that would become the mountain.

This year I'm working on me, not just for me but for the people who've helped me to find the strength to drop the emotional, mental, and spiritual baggage and just live. I owe it to them to be the best daughter, sister, friend, and wife I can be.

Did any of you make resolutions or vows to make yourself better this year? Get at me in the comment box.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Happy New Year
Happy 2008!! It's a brand new year and I've got a whole lot of stuff to talk about. Last night was too much fun, and it was spent with the people I love (and I'm paying for it today, lol). Hope you all brought in the year happily. I'll be up and posting tomorrow. Enjoy the holiday yall!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a special time of year to remember those who are close to
our hearts!
May your days be bright, and your heart be light!
May this glorious day of our Savior's birth
resound with hope and peace on earth!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Lots of Love,
Tasha and D

**Back to regular posting after New Year's**

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
What in all the hell...
is wrong with the Spears family? I just read that Bri.tney's 16-year old sister Jam.ie Ly.n.n who stars in her own show on Nicke.lode.on is pregnant by her 19-year old long-term and live-in boyfriend (read here).

Ok, now I got into some shit when I was that age, but at least I had a mother who cared enough to make sure that the shit I got into wasn't completely life-changing to that degree. What kind of parent allows their minor child to have a live-in boyfriend?? And the boyfriend is of majority age (over 18)?! What in the name of everything good?

And they met in church they say; I guess they don't believe in birth control for religious reasons. But this is where my confusion about this subject sets in. It's not okay to use birth control, but it's okay for a man of majority age to impregnate a young woman out of wedlock? There's no fire and brimstone 'you're going to hell in a handbasket' sermon for that? I need help understanding.

Stuff like this is exactly why I'm not surprised that I have a girlfriend who is a 29-year old grandmother of a 2-year old and a 6-month old. Trust, I'm not the morality police (Y'all know I've been through some shit in my life), but at some point you really have to ask what's happening in our society where this is alright, accepted, and seen as no big deal.

*sigh*This is why birth control is A-ok in my book. People need to stop hiding the truth from their kids. You have to be prepared to talk about sex and arm them for life in the real world. All actions have consequences, and kids need to learn that. Thanks mom for having that talk with me at a fairly young age and being real with me and not sugar coating anything. Thanks even more for brining me to work and allowing me to watch a live birth at age 10. You got your point across.

Friday, December 14, 2007
Friday Flashback
This week it's Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" cuz you know we can all use it sometimes, lol.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 13, 2007
TV Talk Thursday
So I watched that mess of a show "Crowned" that came on after the finale of Top Model last night (yay Saleisha, btw) and tragically I liked it. I guess watching mothers and daughters make fools out of themselves for the sake of being on TV makes me thank the heavens that there's some pride left in my family. Almost trailer trashy good. It will do as a replacement for ANTM I guess.

And then I almost burned my retinas out watching Snoop Dogg's Father Hood show. I don't know if this is supposed to be a bootleg Run's House, but it was a funky fried hot mess. First of all, I thought Snoop had a bigger house than that, but seeing him and his wife interact was painful. The show seemed to be scripted, and they weren't doing a good job at keeping up with the script. Boring, big yawn. The funniest part of the show was Snoop running out of the blind accupuncturist's office screaming, "Chuuch on the Move". Might catch the marathon when it comes on, but I can't make that a part of my regular TV watching.

I'm looking forward to watching "The Choir" that starts on the 17th. I guess Patti LaBelle and some other singers put togehter choirs that are going to compete against each other. Should make for good TV, if not good singing--I hope.

What have yall been watching? I'm looking for some good shows that maybe I haven't had the chance to watch yet.