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Friday, September 28, 2007
Friday Flashback
Happy Friday (and payday for some people)! This week the flashback is En Vogue "Free Your Mind".

This weekend I'll be wedding dress shopping yet again and we'll be going to visit a few places to check out their reception facilities. We also have a meeting with the new home builder to see about their townhouse plans. If we like what we see and if the model looks good, we might consider building with them since they're offering a discount for police, veterans, and healthcare employees--that means triple discount for us! I'll also be meeting with a teacher sista-sociate of mine to discuss the possibility of us joining forces to start a tutoring/mentoring operation for middle and highschool students with a financial education component for students and their parents. Then hopefully D and I will get to catch a movie. Busy weekend, but I'm glad to not be going to work, lol. Anyway, what are you all getting into this weekend? Whatever you do, be safe and have fun.


Blogger jameil1922 said...

hurray for wedding dress shopping! sounds so fun.

Blogger Minerva Exertion said...

I'll be hitting the books this weekend. I have mid-terms next week.

Congats. It's a beautiful thing that you and D are moving forward.

Anonymous Erica C. said...

Good luck finding a dress! I hope your plans with the mentoring idea works out, people like you are much needed in the community.

Anonymous Black Mamba said...

I think I'll be sleeping...and...sleeping. :-)

Enjoy wedding shopping! Building a house sounds so exciting!!

Blogger MysTery said...

enVogue!!! That song is the jamm!! We need singing like them now!

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