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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Whateva Wednesday
It is Wednesday, right? Just checkin, cuz I woke up all screwed up this morning. Walked right into the wall after I got out the bed, got the heel of my sandal caught in the hem of my skirt which sent me flying face first onto the kitchen floor. Yeah, whateva. But anyhoo, more stuff that's been on my mind about stuff...just stuff...whateva.

~I'm mad that more people aren't talking about the Jena Six, and even more angry that people are spending more time pontificating about friggin Mike Vic.k than these six boys' legal problems.

~I listen to the St.eve Har.vey Morning Show on the way to work, and they read letters from listeners and give advice. I'm so disappointed that women still write in asking if they should give their "man" another chance after he's dogged them out. Of course it's because she stilll looooovvvees him. Since when does love equal being dogged out and giving infinite chances? That makes me ill every time I hear stuff like that. Oh he cheated and had a child outside of your relationship while yall were together and you still love him?? Are you that damn desperate? Love yourselves ladies, no man is worth that much trouble. I promise.

~I'm really getting tired of people saying things to the effect of, "Your fiance is white, right?" when they hear about how D treats me. Is it really that tragic for black men to the point where no one thinks they can treat a woman with respect and loyalty?

~Black folks, we gotta take better care of ourselves. I know especially for women, being a lil thick is sexy but there's a way to be thick and healthy. Too many of us are walking around morbidly obese saying, "I'm thick" or some other BS. That's why sooo many of us have diabetes and high blood pressure, etc. Go outside, take a walk, play with your babies, put down that last piece of fried hamhock. Just do something other than lament about how it's getting harder to find clothes in your size. It's not just for vanity yall. No one said you need to look like the European standard of thinness, just be healthy. I've gone to a few too many funerals for our people that have died from preventable illnesses. Having "sugar" = having diabetes = you need to take care of yourself even better than before.

~What is the point of going into all kinds of crazy ass debt to buy a car you can't afford just to impress your co-workers? When your co-workers mostly drive Accords and Camrys, you look silly buying a brand new Benz and then bragging about how you live rent free now cuz you moved back in with your mama to afford your lifestyle. We're not laughing with you, we're laughing at you. That's not pimpin. That's triflin...although the terms can sometimes be interchangable.

~I'm finding out a lot about myself lately. I've come to realize that I have no patience for people who complain about their situation, but do nothing to change it. "Ugggh, I hate my job but I can't get nothing better." Well damn, have you been looking? Have you been taking the professional development classes that are offered at your job so you can go into the next interview with some extra knowledge and therefore an edge? Have you even updated your resume? Are you up on your interviewing skills? No, you just sit at your cubicle and complain loudly. I have zero patience.

~It makes me happy to read and hear about so many of my blogfam's kids doing well and being productive members of society rather than becoming statistics in training. Be proud of your children, you've raised them well.

~I signed up to be a mentor for middle school girls for another academic year. I'll also still be teaching dance to "my girls". I'm also organizing a group to help them purchase health insurance at a cheaper rate than an individual policy would cost. I'll be teaching a teen and college student financial education seminar and webinar in November (details forthcoming). Yeah, I contribute to the community (that's why I can rant about it). What do you do for your community or the world at large?

Whateva. It's Wednesday


Blogger Ms. Behaving said...

Tell it girl....TELL IT!!!

I don't know what has come over us women with that second chance foolishness.

Simply put, if we don't have respect for ourselves, we can't possibly expect for the next person to have any for us.

I don't know why it's automatically assumed that men of color are not capable of treating women right. Makes me sick to my stomach to hear people say things like "he must be white if he's doing this or that right" NEWS FLASH PEOPLE: some of us have our shyt together too ya know. *SIGH*

Kudos to you for mentoring our young ladies. :-)

Blogger Minerva Exertion said...

I never understood the second chance stuff either. It kills me to hear women take men back after they cheated, had chaps outside of the ralationship or burned them.

I'm with you Tasha about the whole cutting corners to afford a certain lifestyle. Grow up!

I'm glad you are mentoring our youngsters too. Keep up the good work.

Blogger DurtyMo said...


People are more prone to entertainment news (if you will) more so than focus on how this country (the deep south) continually set us back 50 freaking years! It's 2007. The shyt is absurd!

When they read them strawberry letters I get heated too. Just becuz you love somebody don't mean you spose to stay w/ them and accept all their craziness as your own. WTF?

Who actually asked if dude was white? How does that even equate. When I think of white I think of serial killer LOL! *shrug*

Why doesn't our culture like to exercise? Why is it such an enigma?
I walk EVERY day. I ain't bragging I'm just saying I know that shyt is serious and I ain't even tryna go out wif some punk azz disease that I could've prevented. PLEASE!

The whole Imma-buy-a-car-I-can't-really-afford is ghetto mentality. I can't stand it.

I loves the chirren too!

I was asked to mentor some girls but it's tricky. I'm proud that you've stepped up for the wishy-washy folk like myself that can't make a real commitment to mentoring. Ugh, I suck! LOL.

Blogger Honey-Libra said...

Good post it goes soo well with folks that complain instead of doing what they gotta do to make things better.

Sometimes in the morning you get a lil twisted up LOL...sounds like me almost falling down the stairs LOL

Blogger Ladynay said...

Say it.

Blogger aquababie said...

great post :) i gotta come back more often!

Blogger Paula D. said...

Very good! Girl, that is so sad about people assuming D is white because he treats you well. Dayum! I'm still keeping hope alive that I will find my beautiful black man.

Blogger BeautyinBaltimore said...

Good post. The weight thing is serious. I have a few pounds that I need to lose but I am seeing a lot of sisters 5 feet nothing weighing 300 pounds.

I'm going to highlight the Jena six on my blog too next week.

I love that you volunter. I am going to volunteer once I am a RN at a local community center.

Blogger AR Gal said...

Okay, so I know you can fry just about anything nowadays especially since folks are frying twinkies at the fair now (never try it, they are beyond gross!), but I just never thought about anyone frying a hamhock, lol.

Anonymous Erica C. said...

It's good that you take action in your community rather than just talk about it! You are a great person.

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