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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Dem Days
I woke up feeling froggy this morning. Came to work wearing glasses instead of contacts--I usually only wear glasses at home or in chill mode. Dressed just regla'. Yeah, one of dem days. Not in a bad mood, not really in a great mood. Just ehh. It's raining and gray. All of that. I prolly should have stayed in bed this morning.

Actually, I know I should have. Cuz this morning, I really didn't care what came out of my mouth. You know, cuz I'm feeling kinda ehh. So what did my bright self go and do? When my boss came around to say 'good morning, how are you?' to everyone on the team, I kinda told her about herself and this team that we have.

Me: "I'm fine, but this team is a different story. There is so much catfighting and infighting going on that we've lost sight of the actual goal. Bitches (YUP, that shit slipped out my mouth!!) acting like they're supervisors when we all have the same damn title--Analyst. Not Jr., not Sr., sho' nuff not Executive. Nope. Just Analyst. That's what we ALL are on this team. So I'm letting it be known that if one jumps ugly at me and tries to tell me what to do again or gives me some attitude, I will NOT tolerate it. And YOU as a manager, should be doing a better job of watching your team so you know this mess is going on rampant. You should be mediating the problem."

Boss: "Ummm...Natasha...."

Me: "Look. I know I'm sorta quiet around these parts, but I do give a damn about what I do. And the people who are telling me how to do it don't give a damn and they're incompetent also. They couldn't make a decision on their very own if their jobs depended on it. Little lab rats running around dressed as supervisors. How you gonna tell me to use common sense when I have a question?? I guess that's cuz you don't have an answer of your own and your little training manual can't help. Lemme tell you...this job is a whole lot more complex than that lil piece of traning manual"

Boss: "We will have to discuss this later"

Me: "I'll set up a meeting with you then through Outlook"

Boss: "That sounds good. I'm so glad you're passionate about your job. We need that around here. You are really an asset to the team"

Ok, I'm confused now. I just got all over my boss cuz I'm slightly cranky, mostly "ehh", and under caffeinated. But she's taking that as a good thing, and I still have a job. Understand though, that the way I spoke to my boss is the culture here. If you don't speak up like that, you will get run over. I know some people would look at that and be like "Umm damn, that's waaaay unprofessional, Tasha. You know better than to act like a pissy 8 year old". Yup, it sure was unprofessional, cuz I work in an unprofessional locale. It's real gangsta here. Sometimes here you have to be a little rude to get what you need. Just don't ask. But that's another reason I need to get the hell out.

Uggh. Yeah, dem days.


Blogger Bklyn's Finest said...

ROTFLMAO.. hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tasha!!!!! hahahaaaaaaa girl Ummm *passin starbucks to ya* have a sip :) you will be aight..

LMAO.. girl thank you for the entertainment of today!

Anonymous Akilah said...

'Tain't whatcha say, it's the way how ya say it.

Blogger Golden Silence said...

I think it's good you spoke up, even in that manner. Better than holding it in on the inside. Something needed to be said about that place and you were the one to do it!

Let's hope something constructive comes out of that meeting.

Anonymous Erica C. said...

I do be damn! Tasha I swear we work with the same group of idiots. These heffas has to be transporters. They transport to your job then to mine.

Blogger Ms. Behaving said...

LMAO. LMAO.. & LMAO some mo'...
[Girl I can't begin to tell you how bad I needed to do that]

Hmmm now lemme see perhaps I need to tell a boss or two what the fudge is on my mind...

Shew might make me feel a little bit better too ;-)

Blogger princessdominique said...

*lol* @ under caffeinated.

Blogger Trenting said...

Lady, I'm proud of you speakin' your piece like that! Guurrrllll What?! I want to know how the meeting goes..

Anonymous Black Mamba said...

Wow...guess I should be thankful I still have a job too.

Dang girl, you let her have it! Don't worry, something good will reveal itself when you most need it.

Until then...don't kill nobody! ;-)

Blogger Ladynay said...


Blogger Mega Rich said...

You are always on a roll, but hey it works for you. Keep doing you.

Blogger AR Gal said...

No how are you doing in return just BAM! lmao!

Hey some things just need to be said and it sounds like today was that day!

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