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Thursday, August 09, 2007
Adventures in Customer Service
Ugggh, I'm already not a fan of calling customer service for ANYTHING, but Com.c.ast makes me ill. Granted cable is not a necessary utility, but whatever. It's NFL Preseason and I need my NFL network. Something is wrong with our box, so only about half of the channels that we're supposed to have show up. We just got new service installed over the weekend, so naturally I'm pissed. Of course, it was my job to call the people to rectify the situation...

Customer Service Rep (CSR): Cable company. How can I help you?

Me: I'm calling because over half of our channels aren't coming in.

CSR: What do you mean aren't coming in?

Me: Ummmm...when you turn to a channel, there is no picture and a message saying to call and order that channel. But these channels are part of the package we ordered.

CSR: Well Is your bill up to date?

Me: The service is brand new and was just installed on Saturday. So it can't be past due. Shouldn't you have that information in front of you? I entered the account information on the automated system.

CSR: *Sigh* Well unplug the box for 45 seconds and plug it back in.

Me: Miss. We've already tried that. This is my fourth call. The three previous CSRs tried that and it didn't work. Shouldn't you have that information in front of you? You should be able to see that I called three times before now.

CSR: Are you asking for a credit on your bill?

Me: Did I ask for a credit? No. I want the cable service that I pay for. Maybe you can send a technician out to look at it.

CSR: Ummmm....

Me: ....Ok...

CSR: Ummmm.....

Me: *sigh* Can you send a technician out?

CSR: I can issue a $20 credit on your bill.

Me: Great. That's wonderful. Now what about getting my channels working properly?

CSR: Ma'am can you unplug your box for 45 seconds and plug it back in?

Me: If it didn't work the first three times, what makes you think it will work now?

CSR: Oh, you called about this problem before?

Me: Let me speak to your supervisor.

CSR: I should be able to assist you.

Me: Right. You should be able to, but you're not. Let's make this easy for the both of us. Can you send a technician out to look at it? My God, I switched back to yall from the dish for this?!

CSR: Thursday between 1:30-3:30

Me: Is that when the technician will come?

CSR: Friday between 8-12

Me: Are these the available times? Thursday is fine.

CSR: Ok. Thursday then. Is that all?

Me: Can I get a phone call to confirm the appointment?

CSR: Say what now?

Me: Nevermind.

CSR: Oh yeah, someone will call you Thursday to confirm the appointment.

Me: Thanks. You have a good evening.

Well at least I get to take the afternoon off from work to go deal with this. I hope for the love of everything good we can start bringing our customer service people back into the USA. This whole outsourced bit is killing me. I try to avoid calling toll-free numbers as much as possible because I know I'll usually end up in some ridiculous converstaion just to get a basic question answered.

Do you have any ridiculous customer service stories? Get at me in the comments


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real question is will Com.cast actually show up at the appointed day/time.

Blogger Ms. Behaving said...

Now a days, you can get a better response from an automated system that you can an actual person [SMH]

And they have the nerve to wonder why they are out of a job...

Anonymous Sugar said...

HAHAHAAHAHA! Too funny, and yet not really because I'm going to have to call Comcast tonight myself about my damn internet moving like a snail! They suck! Their customer service is the worst isn't it!!!? This is my favorite line from the post:

"Let me speak to your supervisor."

HAHAHA! And, a favorite of mine too. Who has time to be dealing with some $9/hr lackey when cable is so damn expensive!!!?

Blogger Honey-Libra said...

WOW...I would ask that question too anonymous..cause you know how they are on the show up times...LOL

Unplugging everything is their answer and they love giving credits but the dang on TV still dont work..we've had 4 boxes at our house..I tell ya

Blogger Always.Funky.Fresh said...

Seriously, 2 bad customer service experiences are what made me leave Comcast for Directv. I couldn't deal. (plus now I got the NFL package...wooooo-hooooo)

Blogger AR Gal said...

I am dying laughing over here. I had an episode with the folks @ McAfee and had the pleasure of speaking with Bangladesha. This woman kept me on the phone 45 minutes (partly because I couldn't understand a damn word she said)and still did not solve my problems. I called back and had a come to Jesus meeting with a supervisor over the phone. I bet my account was well noted after that because it was not a pretty convo. lol

I'm with Anon too. I would call back just to make sure they have your appointment set. You think annoyed now, maaaaaannnnn........

Anonymous Safa said...

I remember calling the student loansharks to get back on track with payments after I took a LOOOOOONG maternity leave last year. This is what I told the lady too:

Her: Is this your 1st child?
Me: No
Her: Oh, well you're 60 days past due.
Me:I know, that's why I'm calling
Her: Can I ask why you fell behind in your payments?
Me: Like I mentioned, I took an extended maternity leave.
Her: *giggle* You know you don't have to buy name brand things.
Me: Excuse me?
Her: Oh, I mean since this is your 1st child you probably spend a lot on name brands and stuff...I know how it is.
Me:First of all, this is not my 1st child and secondly, what I buy for the baby isn't really your concern.
Her: Oh..sorry just offering some advice.
Me: Is this call being recorded?


Blogger Trenting said...

What the hell is wrong with folks.. You were much nicer then I would have been.

Blogger Shai said...

I was once in customer service and I cringe at home incompetent and unhelpful folks are now.

I ordered ink from Office Max and they sent me film. I called them and they said am I sure. I said the shipper says ink yet I got film. Then he said to keep the film, mind you I cannot use it. He said give it away as a gift. WTF. I said will I be billed for the s/h of this new shipment and he said no. SMH.

I hate when they ask you a question like you are dumb. I don't know how or who has setting training to assess customer matters, but I know it is f*ed at some places.

Now I LOVE customer reps who are pleasant and know how to get at solving problems.

Anonymous Akilah said...

And RCN makes Comcast look like a well oiled machine. At leas Comcast answers the phone after a while.
Y'all won't believe this, but imma tell it anyway.

Customer: (After a great long while on hold) I'm losing dial tone on my phone line. It keeps dropping out.

RCN Service Rep: Put new batteries in your remote. That will fix it.

Naw. That ain't no lie.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel your pain like you wouldnt believe. I called Ver.i.zon to fix my DSL and went in circles for 30 minutes only to be connected to dispatch. The story only gets better from there. The time frame for them to come out and service my box was Thurs 8-7. Yep. ALL. DAMN. DAY. I am too threw.

Blogger Ladynay said...

Please call the day before to confirm that appt. Please!

Anonymous Black Mamba said...

Holy crap DO I EVER... Man, if I started going on and on about my customer service problems you'd be here till next Christmas...

They suck, plain and simple...and you know what? I refuse to be nice to them anymore. They're all idiots.

Call them the day before and make sure their stupid @$$e$ are really coming out. Matter of fact, you better call now to make sure she actually logged that day and time for you cuss if you don't, you'll be waiting for the NEXT appointment like 3 weeks from now. You dealing with Comcast??? Yeah, call now.

Blogger Tenacious said...

LMAO...Classic for Comcast

Why is the 1st question out their mouth "did you pay your bill" followed by "unplug it and plug it back in"


Comcast def. have their moments.

I always get the tech who doesn't know how to tell time and show up hours after the fact or too damn early.

Blogger jameil1922 said...

you already heard mine girl. CALLIN ON THE LORD!!!! i don't know why y'all tryin to get me all riled up. i don't know!!

I had a Virgin Atlantic CSR refuse to listen to me and start to ask me questions(on a completely irrelevant topic) in a rude tone.

I said wow, there's no reason to be rude.
She persisted with her tone and irrelevant question.

I laughed at her and then said well this conversation has to end because you don't know how to behave.

she said fine.

my attitude with CSRs who aren't treating me like a customer is to hang up and call back...for all intents and purposes there will be one EVENTUALLY who understands the job description of customer service.

Blogger Sister Toldja said...

"CSR: Thursday between 1:30-3:30

Me: Is that when the technician will come?

CSR: Friday between 8-12"

LMAO!!!!! Sorry, but LMAO!!!!

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