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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Why??? Vol. 1
I go to the gym at least 4 times a week, and every evening that I'm there I see the same chick doing the same stupid mess. She goes into the locker room and puts on a FULL face of makeup--I'm talking pancake foundation and all. She then proceeds to spend about 45 minutes on the elliptical machine, heads to do some weight training, then onto the treadmill or bike. She sweats like a man, so by the time she's done, her face looks like a Picasso painting with all the color smeared everywhere. She also douses herself in Bur.ber.ry Brit perfume before she begins her workout, and her "scent" wafts all over the gym. A few times she put entirely too much on and I had to end my workout early because the smell gave me a headache.

Call me spoiled or whatever, but I get my nails done every two weeks and get a pedicure once a month. All year, not just in the summer time. The last 3 times that I've been in for a pedicure, this woman has been there with her son who appears to be about 4 or 5 years old--definitely old enough to understand "NO" and "STOP". All 3 times, while the woman was getting her pedicure, her darling son turned on the water in the empty pedicure chairs and started splashing around like he was at home. The nail techs tried to be nice and asked him to stop, but he kept splashing and dumping their products into the water. The mother just said, "Adam, stop it. That's not nice. Those aren't your things." All this, rather than just packing a book and some toys for him or better yet, leaving his azz at home with dad or a babysitter. My mother would have gotten up from the pedicure chair, feet half done and proceeded to whoop my behind in front of everyone if I had tried some crap like that.

I drive to work everyday now. I used to have the option of taking Metro a few days a week, but where we live dictates otherwise. Almost every morning, I encounter atrocious driving from the other people on the road. Now, I'm not going to act like I'm the best driver in the world, cuz hey I make mistakes too, but I'm in a league of my own compared to a few people out there. A lady who lives in the same complex that I do takes the same road to work, so I usually see her at some point during my commute. Every time I see her, she makes the WORST errors. She just changes lanes all willy nilly without looking to see what's in the lane next to her, she will slam on her brakes on the highway if she senses that she's going too much over the speed limit, she'll cross over 4 lanes of traffic at 85 mph just to get to her exit all while having a copy of her novel laid on her steering wheel/lap. I asked her about hre antics once and she said that she really doesn't pay much attention to the other drivers, just what she's doing. Ummm. No. Not a good idea.

Volume 2 coming soon


Blogger Golden Silence said...

The people you mentioned just reminded me that people are too into themselves to care about how their behavior (and in the second case, that boy's) affects others.

Blogger Bklyn Diva said...

ok now that I'm done laughing at the lady in your complex I can comment..

the makeup chick.. LMAO girl just keep laughing at her.. cause she got major issues.. just give her a brochure to the botox clinic

girl you aren't spoiled.. I get mine biweekly through the year.. mani & pedi.. and she comes to my house.. CALL THAT SPOILED lol and the chick with the kid in the nail salon.. Hmmm I bet you he get some of that damn acetone on his skin he will sit his arse down!

Blogger AR Gal said...

Hmmm, putting my smell goods on just to get funky. Never thought of that one. I wonder why.

I can't stand unruly kids with unruly parents to match. Yuck!

Jesus please take the wheel from your neighbor....for real. I bet she will start paying attention if someone slaps her with a fat lawsuit if she wrecks their car and injures them.

Blogger DiamondsR4eva said...

And WHY would you wanna have cake face @ the gym let alone bathe in perfume. I swear common sense isn't so common these days. . .

Anonymous Sugar said...

People really need to "police" their children better!!! I was in the post office during lunch today and this little boy was tearing the automated kiosk up! All his sorry azz mama said was, "Stop honey. Don't throw the machine off line." His little butt kept right on typing and banging. I would have taken him out that door and cut his little ass. "Didn't I tell you to leave that thing alone!!!!?"

Blogger Miss Mea said...

Giiiiirl, I feel all your pain. Luckily at my gym, I only have to worry about whether or not the 90 year old white lady across from me is going to have a stroke while trying to exercise. But yours sounds much worse! It's sad to see "weak" women whose children run over them. And your neighbor must have a vain complex or an anger issue or something. She needs help before she kills someone!

Blogger Honey-Libra said...


Why didnt you just get up and slap lil Adam LOL sike let me stop

If that woman wasn't so horrible you could ride together LOL once again I kid

WHYYY do folks do that at the gym I see the same thing when I go..all that makeup only to end up lookin like a drunken prom date two days after prom LOL

Blogger Tenacious said...

Ummm why?! @ Make-up chick. Is it really that serious?

I feel you on the bad ass kid tip- leave them at home with they daddy or something. I hate parents who act completely oblivious to their kids antics yet get an attitude when u say something to them about it

I swear your co worker must have lived in VA at some point they are so notorious for doing that esp the cut across 4 lanes of traffic to get their exit.

Blogger dc_speaks said...

hey there....this was too funny.

thanks for the laughs. i appreciated the "whys".

great post.

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