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Monday, July 16, 2007
Customer No Service
When you go into a fast food restaurant, you don't expect the same level of service that you'd get if you went into a five star place, but you do expect to be treated with some decent level of respect at least.

D and I went to a Pop.ey.es on Saturday and we were both appalled at what happened there. When we walked in the door, the employees were arguing amongst each other, and continued to do so even after they saw us. The girl who served us was like, "Whatchu want?...Bitch, you better stop talking to me like that or I'mma have to step back and smack the shit out of you". No kind of apology to us for acting like that. We ordered our food and she went back to get the order, still cussin and fussin to her co-worker. She was sliding all over the greasy-azz floor acting like home training was a foreign concept to her.

While we were waiting for our order, another employee who appeared to be on break came up to the counter talking on her cell phone. We heard part of her conversation and she said, "...Boo, what you just said messed up my whole high". We looked at her crazy and she still kept on talking. She got what she wanted from the counter and proceeded to go outside and smoke her cigarette. Now, I can't stand cigarette smoke, especially around my food, but she was right outside the entrance door (which was propped open) so her smoke wafted into the establishment. In any normal place, the smokers would be made to light up in the back of the building or near the dumpsters as to avoid that kind of mess.

We waited a good 15 minutes for our food, and watched the employees get into a minor shoving match. D joked and said that if he were in his jurisdiction, he would have arrested them both for assault just to mess with them. Hmmm, wishful thinking I guess. But we finally got our food, and while the girl was ringing us up, she said to another employee, "Kill Yourself. Just go jump off a bridge". What kind of stupid shit is that? And where the hell were their managers?? As we were getting ready to walk out the door, the girl who served us said, "Yall need to leave, cuz I'm sure she's getting on your nerves". I wanted to say so badly, "Noooo honey, you're the one getting on our nerves". But I kept my mouth shut.

Of course when we got home, I went online and filed a complaint. There was no manager around and of everyone working no one could have been over the age of 21. And if you're wondering, yes they were a bunch of us which disappointed me even further.

Seriously, is good service that hard to come by these days? Especially from us? I've come to expect shit-tastic service when I'm dealing with customer service people on the phone, mostly because I know they're not even in the country, but from a group of our own youngins? Come on now. I know those employees would have been fumin' mad if they'd been in our shoes, so I don't know what makes them think that acting that way to the people they serve is okay. Is the concept of respect lacking that much in their homes?

Get at me in the comments, and share some of your horror stories if you'd like.


Blogger Minerva Exertion said...

I remember the same thing happened at a Bo.jangel's a few years ago.
While the employees were cursing each other out, the fries were burning and smoke filled the whole restaurant. The fire dept. had to be called.

Funny post.

Blogger Honey-Libra said...

I was at Wendy's and the guy who took my order acted like he couldnt' hear me and when I got up to the window to order her opened it like an inch..took my order and still gave me wrong food...I filed a complaint and got some coupons

Sometimes stuff like that makes me ask for my money back

Blogger Ms. Behaving said...

Sadly enough, I am NOT the least bit surprised by this type of behavior!

You said "she was sliding all over the greasy-azz floor acting like home training was a foreign concept to her".

Girl I doubt this was an act.

The funny thing is it's the same people who turn around and wonder why they can't seem to get hired anywhere else!

It's truly a daggone shame!

Blogger AR Gal said...

Unless it's during a weekday during the early shift, I rarely see anyone of maturity working at fast food places.

I went inside of a McD's to get a salad. The young lady (yeah she was black) was being really silly with her co-workers. Doing some of the same things you mentioned, talking loud and cussin. When she finally gets my salad in the bag, she asks me which type of dressing I wanted. She goes to the fridge and looks, and looks, and looks. Then she asked me if I knew which one it was. *crickets* Ummmm, sweetie have you seen the word ranch on any of them yet? It's like the lightbulb literally went off in her head that she should actually be looking for the words.

My people, my people...........*sigh*

Blogger dcsavvystar said...

THIS IS HILARIOUS! Whhhhyyy? Why can't we just act right? When this happens, I try and throw myself in their situation... working fast food for a living - What would I do? HOw would I act? That kind of justifies it for me in some strange way.
I went to the damn Exxon the other morning and when the guy rang up my stuff, he didn't say how much it was... he just stood there. what the heck? I was like, "okay.. how much is it?" and this MAN POINTED AT THE SCREEN.... and no, of course I didn't get a "thank you come back again" when I left... ughh!
come on now...
See, this is going to be a topic when I call "our" nation-wide meeting that should have been scheduled about 20 years ago.

Blogger Always.Funky.Fresh said...

Customer service is a lost art. So lost that when I go get good service, I'm surprised. I've had similar incidents in Popeyes too. Cursing, disrespectful and they all have attitudes. Please. Keep that sh*t to yourself.

Blogger Miz JJ said...

People use to have pride in what they were doing no matter what is was. My parents taught me that there was no shame in honest work. Do your best at every job. Clearly a lesson that is lacking today.

I had some bad customer service in Atlanta. I could not believe how rude the chick was in the Starbucks when I asked her a question. She must have confused me for someone else because I got short with her real quick.

Blogger Ladynay said...

OH heck nah.

My story isn't as bad. I went to a popular chicken joint that has yet to been mentioned (Kentucky) and there was a very long line inside and in drive thru. I ordered the new chicken item and after I drove up to pay dude told me they just dropped did I want to wait a few minutes. Yeah fine, okay. I pull up to wait and notice my receipt was wrong so I walk inside to get my proper money back and most the people inside were waiting for the same item. Now this does not sound bad, but the 3 youngins in the back were chillin, like they were on break or something!!!! I'm like WTF? There was SOMETHING them folks could have been doing! Dropping fries, making drinks...something! UGH!

Blogger Organized Noise said...

I "love that chicken at Popeye's, but not enough to put up with the service that you received. As soon as the girl said "whatcha want" and continued to scream at her co-workers, I would have left and gone to KFC or Bojangles, or up here in NYC, Crown Fried Chicken.

Blogger Mega Rich said...

My wife and I REFUSE to spend our money in these types of establishments. We are tired of spending good money on bad service. If enough of us would do the same, the business in our hood would get the message.

Blogger Tenacious said...

I've had this happen quite a few times when I went into Popeyes, Wendys, hell Taco Bell around my way in Chicago

What took the cake was the day I was in McDonald's in Evergreen Plaza mall in the Chi and this chick working behind the counter saw her "baby's daddy" all hugged with this other female and hopped the counter and started scraping in the food court...while my food sat behind the counter getting cold. I mean could the broad have at least slid my 4 piece across the counter

...but at least she apologized when she got back to the counter though

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not just fast-food. It's everywhere. Only other places, the steaks can be much higher.

Ignorant people, bad food? In the grand scheme of things, it's not that surprising.

In the past 2 months, some very respectable companies with whom I deal (Ford, CitiBank) made several thousand dollars worth of screw-ups which I spent days fixing.

Blogger Golden Silence said...

Oh, lord. I could spend hours talking about poor service.

From a woman who threw my change at me at the CVS in Old Town so she could answer the phone (she was Asian), to the kids clowning and cutting up to the point of one of their co-workers leaving (McDonald's back in Buffalo), and the guy at the counter who was high (another Buffalo McDonald's), I am elated anytime I see a self-service machine so I can handle my own business. Poor service makes me sick.

Blogger SavingDiva said...

I receive poor service everywhere. I don't feel like it's a single location or type of location (fast food). I receive poor service at local places, chains, nice restaurants, fast food restaurants, pizza delivery...I've tried to avoid service all around. I even try to go through the U-Scan at grocery store! :)

Funny post...

Blogger BeautyinBaltimore said...

LoL, and they trip me out when they yell "I don't need this job" as if they have skills to go somewhere else.

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