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Thursday, August 16, 2007
Just Stuff...
Awww hell... The randoms again

-Why when a woman is going through some things on the romantic side and is trying to figure out her place is she a victim and needs love and support, but when a man goes through the same things he's a dog and gets talked about like a piece of shit?

-If you have suspicions that the person you are dating is being less than honest, confront them. Don't try to turn into super-sleuth and go digging behind them for months. And don't let the problem fester for months. It wont get solved either way, and when/if you catch the person doing their dirt, you both look stupid because you were just as bad for spying and snooping. Especially if you know the relationship isn't headed for marriage or is just a fling...leave it alone. You'll end up less bitter in the end.

-If someone decides that they don't want to date you, that doesn't mean you're a bad person. And it gives you no reason to leave f**ked up comments on their blog because you're mad

-I need coffee

-I'm sick to death of seeing black people talk about how they're angry and we all have to fight. But when you ask them what they're fighting for, they have no idea. Why you militant son?

-Having lots of makeup on does not make you pretty

-Just because it's different from you doesn't make it bad

-Religion is NOT the same as having a personal relationship with God.

-Money can't buy happiness, but by looking at some people it apparently can buy a fugged up attitude

-There's a reason why you're 37 and single...you. If you stopped pigeonholing men the way you do and making them all sound like the scum of the earth and like neanderthal preschoolers, maybe one would give your dusty azz a chance.

-Is it mean of me to not give a damn about this girl's baby? She's a witch, and is trying to force her new baby down our throats.

-I can't wait till December--yay Hawaii vacation!


Blogger jameil1922 said...

in general i make it a point not to pay attention to people's babies unless i really like them. if i don't ask, please don't tell.

lmao @ Why you militant son?

Blogger AR Gal said...

"Having lots of makeup on does not make you pretty"

Speak!!! That made me think of this woman I saw at the Tom Joyner Sky Show last year. It look like she had literally spackled that mess on her face like it was paint. She looked like a complete hot mess!

Anonymous Black Mamba said...

You going to Hawaii??? Man...I am SO.JEALOUS!!! Never been there and really want to go. Hope you post lots and lots of pics. I need a vacation so bad...haven't been in, umm...4 or 5 years now. :-(

No, it's not mean of you not to give a damn about a baby. I've been there...and didn't feel bad.

Makeup does not make a person pretty...boy, sooo many people at my job I'd like to tell that to...especially when they waltz around with their noses in the air.

Hope you have a good day!

Blogger Trenting said...

Ummm... *slowly putting down his cellphone*


Black people are complacent with today but are just usd to "fighting" and agreeing with al sharpton (who i wish would sit down somewhere)

Blogger Organized Noise said...

I applaud you for that first comment. You won't find many women who will say that.

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