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Friday, May 25, 2007
Vacation's All I Ever Wanted....
Sorry for not posting this week, but I'm enjoying my much needed vacation. I haven't done much all week except for eat, sleep, and play. Today we're headed for Philly to see some family and chill, and we might take a run around Hershey Park depending on the traffic and what we feel like doing. Hunny and I are both too done with the gas prices around the urrea, especially him, since he decided to up and buy a new car with a big azz Hemi engine last week. Of course though, he wants to show his new toy off, so we're on the road with the gas guzzling beast, lol.

I was hurting for some time off from that place I call a job, and I have begun searching for something better and *ahem* well...better. I absolutely hate the place--the people moreso than the place, and I've already developed two NASTY knock-me-out-for-two-days migraines, and I can't keep going like that. So one of my girls is trying to hook me up with a fab position with the company she works with. Normally I wouldn't be job-hopping like this at all, but my sanity comes first. Ghetto birds I can deal with, but them and jacked up management and politics is haaaard on a sista.

Anyhoo, what are yall doing for the holiday weekend??? Any cookouts? If so, feel free to make me a plate, ok! Traveling and paying shit-tastic gas prices? Staying your azz at home?

Have a great weekend everyone!


Blogger Bklyn Diva said...

enjoy your r&r.. you know we need that to RECOUP!!!!


Blogger dc_speaks said...

I am cooking out and my food would be a lil bad by the time you got it. as I live in CLEVELAND, OH...the home of the CAVS!!!

Have a fantastic weekend and I hope the migraines are all gone.


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