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Monday, January 22, 2007
You Got Served
I know that waitressing is probably one of the hardest jobs there is—dealing with all kinds of people and their attitudes and bad tipping. I respect that, but while I empathize, I at least expect to be treated with some sort of respect while I'm in a restaurant. I'm a good tipper, so I would at least hope to get treated better than a dog.

Me and the girls ate at Uno's on Saturday before going to see that really disturbing "Alpha Dogs" movie. We've been there plenty of times before on Saturday nights, so we weren't put off at all by the number of scandalous looking teenagers in clumps that were cloying for each other's attention and the attention of a few members of the waitstaff.

About five minutes after we were seated, our server came up to us and said, "Yall gon' have to wait 'bout five minutes then I'mma come and get ya order for dranks and appetizers"

We made the collective "What in the damn hell?" face, but let it slide. Once this chick came back she was like, "Whatchall want?".

Me: "Water and a Corona please"

Friend 1: "Mango Iced Tea and a Corona as well"

Friend 2: "Just a Sierra Mist for me"

Waitress: "Wait. How many of yall is it gonna be ordering right now? Cuz I gotta go to other tables too"

Friend 2: "Well how many of us are sitting here, Sherlock?"

Waitress: "Five"

Friend 1: "Exactly, so you need to take all five drink orders."

Friends 3 and 4 went ahead and ordered their drinks, and she sucked her teeth then went to do whatever it is she needed to do. She came back with our drinks and proceeded to take our food orders.

Waitress: "Soooo?" (taps notepad)

Me: "Soooo?"

Waitress: "Well, whatchall eatin?"

Me: "Nothing until you take our order"

Waitress: "Well, what are you going to order?"

All of us proceeded to give our food and appetizer orders, and she went on her way again. When she came back with our appetizers, she pretty much threw the food at our table and said she'd be right back with our napkins. One of my girls had to call her on her stank attitude.

Friend 4: "Excuse me, hold on sweetie. What is your issue? You have been nothing but rude all evening"

Waitress: "Well I'm 8 months pregnant and I'm tired. My feet hurt and I haven't sat down in a while I'm miserable" She started to shed a few silent tears

Friend 4: "Well congratulations on the baby, but honey you need to talk to your boss about that, not get mad at us. I have two kids and with my second one, I worked all the way until the day before she was born, so you can't use being pregnant as an excuse for being nasty"

Waitress: "Well I'm only working cuz my man won't get a job at all. He says the idea of him being a father has stressed him too much to work, so he quit his job when he found out I was pregnant. So I have two jobs. I work here part time and I'm a manager at an office during the day and I'm in grad school online part time too. My bills have to get paid and we gotta eat, you know. I don't want my baby to be not having decent clothes and food"

Friend 2: "Damn that's rough, you need to get rid of him or have him take a class in manhood"

Friend 3: "Well honey, I work at a women's empowerment center. We have support groups and help to find affordable daycare and help with becoming self-sufficient and have financial education classes--a little of everything. You don't need a man to lay around on your dime while bust your butt with a kid. Naw. Here's my card, call me on Monday"

Waitress: "Thank you. I'mma call you on Monday. And your drinks are on the house today. Ladies thanks for letting me talk and callin me on my attitude. Your entrees should be up now."

I'm glad we got some free drinks, but even more glad that she might be able to take some steps to get her stuff together. I really thought when she first came with the attitude that we were going to be in for an all-out bitch fest, so I was really ready to not leave a tip and report her behind to her manager. More than anything though, I'm mad that her pseudo-man thinks it's okay for him to sit on his behind while she works two jobs and goes to school while carrying HIS baby. How did our society get to the point where that situation is acceptable? People, we HAVE to do better than this.

*Shaking my head*


Blogger Golden Silence said...

Whoa. It's just a reminder that people we want to write off as "shady" have their own issues and demons too. Hopefully she'll take that step in empowering herself and leaving that raggedy-ass fool of a man she has.

Blogger Honey-Libra said...

WOW...talk about being in the right place at the right time :) Hopefully she will take what you all said into account and that also goes to show that you never know what someone is going through and that sometimes calling them "out" can in fact help them do better...

Blogger CreativeTDF said...

I love this Tasha, I thought I was gone have to write a comment about how you should have cussed her raggedy ass out but I love how you flipped the script and shared a lesson, that e'eryopne has a story and if we take a minute to step outside ourselves and extend some compassion and kindness maybe we can help another person.

Brava bitch (thats on of my famous good bitches, you read the blog)!

Blogger TDJ said...

Way to put it out there (Friend 4). It needed to be said. Hopefully that sista will call your friend today and make some changes in her life.

Blogger Tenacious said...

that was very sweet. hopefully she'll call. and smh @ sorry ass dude. men like that should be ashamed

Blogger Tasha said...

I found out that she did call my friend, and she set up an appointment for some counseling. Hopefully she'll be able to get herself together and leave that triflin piece of trash she calls a boyfriend.

Blogger Always.Funky.Fresh said...

Damn talk about destiny. She needed help and look what happened. For the record, I hate punk azz dudes.

Blogger Miz JJ said...

I am sorry, but I laughed at the part where she said her dude was so stressed out by her being pregnant he quit his job. Then she said she was in grad school. I was thinking clearly you have some book smarts, but you were looking the other way when they handed out real life smarts. Not to be mean, but that is like a bad comedy skit. I hope she gets some self-respect and soon. I would hate for her to have a daughter and have her repeat the same idiotic pattern.

Anonymous aulelia said...

that was such a nice gesture by you and your friends. this example is just another highlight of why lazy black men need to step their game up.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL at the title "You Got Served"

That's crazy. I thought shit was going to go a whole different way! Whatsup with chicks staying with these sorry ass men?? *smh*

I'm happy she's getting herself together.

Blogger beautyinbaltimore said...

"Well I'm only working cuz my man won't get a job at all. He says the idea of him being a father has stressed him too much to work, so he quit his job when he found out I was pregnant. So I have two jobs."

WTF, why do some women allow men to play them like this. Women need to think long and hard about who they let tap it raw. Just because you screw him, does not mean you should let him knock you up.

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