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Thursday, January 18, 2007
Negress Natasha
I think I'm going to write to Mattel and ask them to create a Barbie-type doll in my likeness with that name. Yes, I can see the slogan now... "Negress Natasha, cuz she's black like me!" Let's go all out and give her a wide nose and big-ass Wanda lips, too!

I think a few of my co-workers are on that stuff, or they've got a case of justdontgiveafuckism. Another of my co-workers came to my office to ask some questions about a project. She's one of those females that just looks like she eats small rodents for dinner, chain smokes Black&Milds, and enjoys the smell of her own gas. She looked at the pictures on my desk, and took a keen interest in a picture of my brother and I from New Years Eve and one of me and my girls (you know the obligatory studio pic where yall have on variations of the same damn outfit). She looked at the picture, then looked at me and said... "You're pretty for a black girl. I wish my daughter could have a doll that looked like you"

Ohmyfuggingoodness, what in dee hail?! What kind of statment is that? I don't know whether to take it as a compliment or as an insinuation that most black people look like refried porch monkey. Yeah, she's black, but I'm not sure she takes that into consideration when she opens her mouth. She makes random strange statements often having to do with race, like "some black people turn the color of charcoal during the sunny summer days", so her saying something off the wall doesn't surprise me. But this just left me scratching my head.

Thank goodness I go home in a half hour, these people are working my nerves!

*HR has been notified about the egg problem, so I'll be posting their response soon*


Anonymous aulelia said...

--this woman needs a vocabulary transplant! i cannot believe she said that. it is absolutely disgusting to say something so narrow-minded. ironically, it doesn't surprise me that some black people spew foolishness like that: conditioning isn't just reserved for hair clearly.

--lol @ ''(you know the obligatory studio pic where yall have on variations of the same damn outfit)'' - that is so true! i always find happens with most of my friends for big occasions like birthdays

((btw, off topic but just thought i'd update u on jermaine in the big bro house here in england: he is coming across kinda good especially since there are bare fights. i'm impressed!)

Blogger Golden Silence said...

That co-worker probably has a case of self-hatred.

As for the "egg" situation---I'm glad that HR is going to do something about it.

Blogger Gunfighter said...

"For a black girl"?

Good God.

Blogger Tenacious said...

LMAO while eyeballing last new year's pic

Is this broad retarded? I mean seriously...but you will NOT say she eats small rodents for dinner!! LOLOLOLOL

Girl I miss that same memo everytime someone says some stupid shit like that....

Blogger jerzeygyrl said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm playing catch-up at the plantation for all the days I've bullshitted!!!

*eats small rodents for dinner, chain smokes Black&Milds, and enjoys the smell of her own gas.*

Damn! I grew up with a bunch of those chicks!! LOL!

That chick musta gotten her ass kicked by a black chick and now she's holding a grudge. I don't understand that at all...

Anonymous Akilah said...

There's an article in the Sunday Boston Globe about a girl with Asberger's Syndrome, a form of autism. Here's some of what it says...
"Autistic people behave in ways that are out of sync with other people....Most people are born with the ability to read nonverbal cues. Hannah cannot, so when people don't laugh at her jokes, she doesn't understand it was because they weren't funny. Someone has to tell her."

What I'm thinin' is, maybe this sister needs someone to tell her.

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