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Friday, January 19, 2007
Friday Flashback
This week it's Big Daddy Kane, "Smooth Operator"

Happy Friday!


Blogger TDJ said...

Big Daddy Kane was my man! I mean, he didn't know it at the time, but he was. *lol*

P.S. Where's my cupcake? BK and Fresh got cupcakes! :)

Blogger BigRAY_3183 said...

Pimpin aint easy!!!

Blogger Tasha said...

Girl, I used to love me some Big Daddy Kane and would watch Yo MTV Raps just to look at his videos.

Damn, I really thought you got a cupcake, I'm sorry! Where are my manners?!? *gives you a "welcome to the blogfam" cupcake and a copy of "The Jeffersons" DVD with the two different Lionels*

Blogger BrillD said...

What up Sis? I'll never forget his
show here in Toronto back in '89.
The place was rammed, and Monie
Love got up on stage for a bit.
BDK was in his prime then. Classic!

Blogger Tasha said...

brilld, I wish I could have seen it! Oh, you never got a cupcake either... *hands you a "welcome to the blogfam" cupcake and a copy of "Breakin 2-Electric Boogaloo"*

Blogger BrillD said...

Thanks for the invite. *hands you
a copy of "Beat Street" in return*

Blogger Gunfighter said...

Hey Tasha... I am having a problem embedding video from YouTube... can you help an old brother out?

Anonymous AlwaysFunkyFresh said...

Yup BDK....

I used to rock the high top fade a.k.a flat-top just like dude.

One of the best that did it!

Blogger TDJ said...

Thank you girlie! Both Lionels? Now I know we're cool! *lol*

I used to like Yo, but the best was "The Box" (later called Video Music Box). You're from NY, so I know you remember watching Ralph McDaniels.

Blogger Tasha said...

OMG, I used to love The Box. Ralph McDaniels...damn, memories!! *tears and sniffles and such*

Blogger TDJ said...

Oh yeah, rushing home from school to catch it at 3:30pm. Those were the days. I still remember trying to make a "Video Mix". I would dance to whatever video was on and when something really good came on, I would grab the corded VCR remote and hit record. Then, play it back later to learn the words and the steps. :)

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