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Sunday, October 22, 2006
Is it a crime?
My friends have this habit of seeking me out when they need comic relief or when they want to vent about some male faux-pas. I'm fine with that, because I enjoy their company as much as they enjoy mine. However this weekend, I've just wanted to stay in and be alone. Who cares that I'm on vacation--isn't that the point of vacation, to get away from everything and recharge the proverbial battery? I just didn't want to be bothered at all this weekend. Everything around me was starting to sound like the adults on "Peanuts" (whaa whaa whaaa)

So while I have access to IM and el cell, all are off. Of course I check email and call my mama, cuz mi madre keeps my head on straight. Everyone knows I'm unavailable until tomorrow, but I still have gotten countless emails about "you wouldn't believe so and so did this..." and "why the hell haven't you answered your phone, we want you out with us", etc etc.

But damn, can I get a break? Yes people, I'll be back to being your source of off-handed comedy and industrial strength 'cry here' shoulders tomorrow. But even I need to get in my own head sometimes. I've got issues too and sometimes I need a shoulder to cry on. I'm so sorry for the somber, unfriendly nature of this post, but I need a hug.

My soul is tired yall and it needs to rest sometimes too. Thanks for understanding.


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