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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Office Space Rules of Engagement
If you live your 9-5 life in a cubicle like I do, you've come to realize that one must live by a certain set of rules. More often than not, the people in my office break these rules...sometimes egregiously. So let me refresh you on the Office Space Commandments. These may help you enjoy or at least tolerate your 8+ hours a day in cubicle-ville.
-Do NOT and I repeat DO NOT eat tuna or any other pungent smelling food for lunch at your desk. For the love of God, just eat it in the cafeteria
-If you were not invited, do not stop at your co-worker's cubicle and stare at his/her pictures. You don't know those people, so leave it alone
-If your co-worker is obviously hard at work, do not stop by to shoot the breeze. It may be a novel concept, but s/he has WORK to do...and for that matter, so do you
-If no one has showed a keen interest in your children, do not talk excessively about them. No one wants to hear about lil Janiqua's fight on the playground
-If you're going to talk to your ghetto ass, non-job having friends on your work phone...PLEASE be discreet. We really don't wanna hear about Tyrone's triflin ass AGAIN
-If you listen to music, cool...just make sure everyone else can deal with your taste in music first or invest in some headphones.
-Don't be ghetto and come in late and leave early everyday and talk about how much work you have. You WILL GET SHANKED!
-If you think you're fat, and you're not...please don't go around asking people if your outfit makes you look fat or complain that you're soooo hungry (this is a general life rule)
-If you're interested in what I'm eating for lunch, just ask about it and be bold and ask if you can have a taste. Don't hint about "ooooh Tasha always has good food" and sit there drooling over my got-damn food
OK, that's all the ranting I can do right now...if you have more, please feel free to add!


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