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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Junque du jour
I've decided to undertake the largest cleaning spree of my life. I woke up Monday morning and looked at my apartment and I'd had enough. It's not like I live like some dirty frat boy (no offense, but you know the stereotype) and have old pizza boxes and such everywhere, but I've amassed so much junque (that means JUNK y'all) that it's time to purge. I have so many gifts from people that I haven't used and never will, and all sorts of random impluse purchases.

I really could pull the lazy move and call one of those "Clean House" type shows on HGTV or something to come do it for me or pay Merry Maids to do the dirty work, but there's something satisying about looking at your newly clean and empty space and knowing that you put in sweat equity of your own. I think this is more psychological than anything else though. I've been having a hell of a time concentrating lately, and my mama always told me that when your space is disorganized you can't focus so well. However, as I've been going through my stuff and deciding what I no longer want or need I see that I could be enterprising and make some money off of my clean-freakishness. So what better to do than go to craigslist and sell it all. Sure I could go the ebay route, but craiglist is so...well, cozy. I'm thinking about placing some ads like this:

"Spring Cleaning Sale. Sure spring was sooo 2 seasons ago, but better late than never. Lots of tchotchkes and junque for the taking"

Perhaps I'll find a more clever way to put it:
"27 inch TV for sale. Remote is MIA.... Good condition, $40" I'm sure that will make the masses come running.

On a serious note though, I've been in personal turmoil as of late and I'm in desperate need of harmony, so I need my home to be harmonious. And right now, the closest I'm getting to harmony is listening to Boyz II Men.


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