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Friday, March 23, 2007
Fake the Funk Friday
I'm at work right now, pretending to look busy. I was home Wednesday and Thursday with the worst migraine I've ever had. I tried to look at the computer screen long enough to write something, but it just wasn't happening. So today, since I'm still sort of out of it, there's no Friday Flashback video cuz Youtube makes my head hurt right now. But I will share some more of the randomness that's going on in my headache-riddled brain (warning, this might be long, it might not)...

-I don't think I'm a good pet parent. I adopted two kittens from the Humane Society two months ago and I'm ready to ship them to Abu Dhabi or something. They're cute, but they've chewed damn near every wire in my home. The vet says they'll be done teething soon so the chewing will stop. If they don't, they will become kitty refugees cuz they won't be at my house.

-My head still hurts so bad that my teeth hurt, but at least I can see straight today

-I must have made the heavens angry cuz I'm trying to work with cramps and a migraine. What the damn hell? One at a time please.

-Being a female is overrated for about 4 days a month.

-I know we were just playing around, but hearing Hunny say "Will you marry me" the other day still sent my heart pounding and me smiling

-The crackhead outside of the gas station this morning had a better pedicure and manicure than me. Something's really wrong with that

-The I.RS needs to stop playing and deposit my damn refund in the bank

-I finally got my final job offer. My last day on the plantation is next Friday! Thanks for all the well wishes and support, blogfam!

-After the long background check, Hunny got offered the deputy sheriff position, so we're both moving on to better pastures

-I actually want to be a wife and a mommy. Go figure. Those words have never exited my mouth. EVER

-I'm not-so-secretly jealous of suburban stay at home wives/mothers, especially the sistas who manage to run the household, kids, hubby, and still manage to stay fly. But I can't see myself staying at home. I have to work at least part time. I think I've got issues with too much freedom. Damn slave syndrome, lol

-I'm so proud of being a survivor, but I don't feel the need to broadcast it every day

-Shhh, but I had the most SERIOUS crush on Rick Schroeder when I was younger (you know him from Silver Spoons and now 24)

-I don't volunteer as a suicide crisis hotline worker to be a hero like someone asked me, I do it because I've been on the other side

-I'm finally learning that happy is not a four letter word

-I may not have a supermodel's body or face, but I'm glad that at least one person finds all of me beautiful. Hearing him say that sent me to tears.

-I'm not rich, but I have everything I'll ever need

-Sometimes your weakness is pretending to be strong. Being vulnerable makes you human.

-I wish I could hear my gramma's voice just one more time. I know it's been almost four years, but I still miss her and cry when I look at her pictures.

-I wish I could have been more sad when my father's mom died a year ago. Some days I feel bad because she knew she wasn't my favorite grandmother.

-I finally told my mom that I love Hunny. He told his mom he loves me, then we switched and he told my mom he loves me, etc

-I'm scared to death that once I'm done with grad school, I won't want to work in this industry anymore

-I'm contemplating going to Dental Hygeine school after grad school is done in December. I've always enjoyed going to the dentist...no I'm not crazy!

-I think I might owe my soul to Sal.lie.Ma.e at this point, especially if I'm talking about going to more school after this

-My nephew needs the taste slapped out of his mouth for kicking his pregnant girlfriend. I don't care if he meant it as a joke

-My best friend is getting married!! I'm so happy for you Natalie!! You've got a good man, girl


Anonymous Sugar said...

Girl, you have to thank God for each and every little thing don't you!!!? It sounds as though things are really moving in a great direction for you. I sincerely pray that you will continue to feel fulfilled, uplifted and hopeful. :)

I'm not perfect by any stretch, but even at the end of the day with my foolishness, I believe that there's somebody looking low who is keeping score, so I'd better get it together.

Have a great weekend and I hope your migraine eases. I'm on the other side of cramps now!! Should be good as new by tomorrow. TMI! (lol)

Blogger emptyHEART said...

Hey, you got a hell of a lot going on and you seem to be on top of things so I think you would do great as one of those stay at home mommas.

These two points stuck a chord:

-Sometimes your weakness is pretending to be strong. Being vulnerable makes you human.

-I'm finally learning that happy is not a four letter word

Blogger Ladynay said...

I am learning so much about you. When I get some down time I may flip through your archives.

Congrats on the job offer!

Blogger Gunfighter said...

Hey, Tasha!

Congratulations on the new gig... the power of prayer, baby!

Do me a favor and shoot me an email, I need to ask you something.


Blogger Bklyn Diva said...

congrats on the new job!!! is this the same one you interviewed for a while back??? while u were on vacation? :) you knowt he birthday interview? :)

and to the other randomness :) wow.. it will get better hun

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