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Thursday, March 15, 2007
I loves the kids...
Ohmydamn goodness. Parents, I know you have a hard job trying to raise your kids right and you can't force them to act like they have some sense, but some of you aren't doing your job right at all. I also recognize that teenagers have hormones, but seriously, a little home training never hurt anyone.

I was out with my girl Sasha (yeah I know--Sasha and Tasha...lol or whatever) at Coldstone this evening when some teenage skeez in training tried to holla at us. Maybe it's BET, maybe it's a lack of whoop ass at home, but just damn...

Boy: "Mmmm mmm mmm, I'd love to put yall in my ice cream cone"

Me: "Say what now?"

Boy: "Ma, don't act like you didn't hear me. Yall two is lookin tasty"

Sasha: "Tasty like the Similac you just got off of apparently. Boy you are too young to be talkin to people like that"

Boy: "I might got a baby face, but I'm ALL man"

Me: "Where is your mama? I know you're out past your curfew"

Boy: "Nah miss. I ain't gotta worry about that. So you gotta man?"

Me: "Yes. See, I have a MAN. Not a chicken chested little boy. Ohmygoodness, Saaash I can't believe I'm having this conversation. This chick needs to hurry up with our ice cream"

Boy: "I'm sayin tho'. You look real right in those jeans. I could show you some things your man can't do."

Sasha: "Yep, like arrest your lil ass."

Boy: "Oh it's like that? Well how bout you lil miss?"

Sasha: "Boy, I might be short, but I'm older than you. Please show some respect"

Boy: "You gotta earn respect before I show it"

Me: "Well earn this...a view of our backsides. Have a nice day lil man"

Seriously, I don't know where the youngins are getting the idea that they can talk to grown people like that. It's bad enough that grown azz men do it, but you'd think they'd at least tell their sons and nephews that oil slick game don't work so well. I'm just as disappointed in the girls that actually respond positively to this game. What the hell are their mamas teaching them.

If my brother had tried some stuff like that or walked with some crazy pimp swagger at age 16, he would have only made it to GED--Good Enough Dead. She would have ensured that the orange extension cord left some marks on his behind. There is no way he'd remotely think about speaking like that to a female because she taught him the real value of a woman.

This isn't isolated either, I see so many kids--some middle school aged--walking around acting like they're older than grown. Is it that hard to teach the kids to be kids and act like they have some damn sense? Maybe I'm just getting old. Maybe I'm just overreacting, but damn... I can deal with getting game spat at me by greezy ass old men in Members Only jackets, but lil youngins with Enfamil still on their breath? Hell to the naw!!

Get at me in the comments.


okay now that
I stopped laughing,
it is a wonder how so many young people feel comfortable *playing* adult but would freak out if they actually had to deal with adult responsibilities.

when i'm on the subway and I see and hear kids acting like this, I tell myself that it's because they are showing off for their friends.

I also tell myself that if their parents were with them, they would be respectful and quiet.

I know I may be lying to myself but I'd rather lie to myself than believe that kids could be that unaware.

Blogger Gunfighter said...

Never mind the kids being unaware... I don't think that they are.

The problem in this instance is that in the vacuum created by absentee parents who don't give a damn, the children will fill those gaps with what they see on television, hear from their friends, or imitate what other older people in their lives do.

One thing that is certainly missing in the life of the boy that was talking that smack, was the presence and example of a REAL man.

That kid needs a serious beat-down.

Blogger jameil1922 said...

ew!! LMAO!! sit down!! you should have pointed to the side of his mouth and said you have something on your face. nevermind. its just breast milk.

CHILDREN!! please stop lettin them watch so much tv w/o explaining this is how grown people shouldn't even talk. chile! so mad at it.

Blogger Honey-Libra said...

I can show you things that your man can't show you...LOL..like what....a baby penis hahaha sike let me stop....

I've had some young ones try to holla and all I can do is laugh cause they think it's cute when it's just sad...boo you have to be 23 and over to ride this ride LOL

Blogger Miz JJ said...

LMAO. You know that obviously works for him or he wouldn't be doing it. I feel sorry for the young girls out there now because they do not know any better but to take that ish. I am finding that younger dudes are spitting a lot of garbage lately. The biggest thing is that they have no shame. You will be laughing at them and telling them they have no chance and they are still trying to hit on you. I do not babysit anymore.

Blogger Golden Silence said...

Ew, ew, ew! Not only are old men hitting on us...the young BOYS are too! Yuck!

...but you'd think they'd at least tell their sons and nephews that oil slick game don't work so well.

Those fools don't tell the boys anything because in their warped little heads they believe it "works" for them. These men have no respect for women, and I have way too many "Parade of Losers" stories to back that up.

It's a sad world when a TV takes the place of a REAL male figure in their lives.

Blogger Bklyn Diva said...

ok now that I'm done laughing :) LOL

HONESTLY cause their momma's were younger than us when they had them and had no business having them and have no idea about RAISING children.. be it a boy or girl :(

My daughter is in middle school.. some of her classmates tease her and say she dress like a grandma.. *jeans, shirt that COVERS her stomach, hair done but age appropriate, etc..* I saw one of those girls and I thought she was an adult.. but the heffa oops I mean child was the same age as mine and actually born AFTER her..and mine is born late november.. but I digress.. Seeing her mother I realized why she was that way.. HER MOMMA THOUGHT SHE WAS LIL KIM OR SOME VIDEO VIXEN.. she was a hot looking mess!!!

Age appropriate clothing for a child is IMPERATIVE.. Home training is IMPERATIVE.. but unfortunately the BABIES HAVING BABIES syndrome is running damn rampid....and that whole well his daddy left shyt ain't gone fly.. I am a SINGLE MOTHER OF TWO and NEITHER OF MY CHILDREN WOULD EVEN THINK to disrespect or approach an adult in that form or fashion.. cause they know if I'M NOT THERE TO SLAP THE TASTE OUT OF THEIR MOUTH it will happen..

The parents don't respect themselves and don't know how to be parents..they aren't raising their kids.. they are trying to be their friends instead of their parents.. Fawk dat.. I'm ya friend AFTER you become an adult and can take of yourself..

Sorry comment is so long but that shyt irritates me to no end..

Anonymous Sugar said...

Girl, that is too funny!!! Imagine working at a high school?! Trust me, harrassment on every hand! I used to do my best to not even be alone with some of them because they'd have that look like they might try me!!!! Those little boys are too fresh!

Blogger Shai said...

Lack of propriety. Manners go out the door for the most outrageous, shameless acts. Kidz these days are mimicing TV for one.

Blogger Butta said...

Lemme guess...was this the Coldstone over there at the Boulevard? This encounter sounds like some madness that one would come across around that place.

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