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Monday, February 05, 2007
Big Game Weekend Recap
Hope yall had a good weekend and enjoyed watching The Colts run stuff last night. At least the first quarter was good, but it was all downhill for Chi-town after that.

Anyhoo, this weekend had the potential to be relaxing, but somehow it just didn't go that way. Friday night was the usual...friends over till the wee hours of the AM, really long talk with PrettyBoy (wannabe Mr. Tasha #2) and that was that. EXCEPT for this shit here....

Ol' Girl (my friend till the grave) called me at 10PM saying, "Yo Tash, can you come pick me up? I'm on the side of I-895 up in Bmore city next to the entrance to the tunnels. A cop pulled me over and says I need someone to come get me or he'll lock me up and have my car towed."

Me: "What in the hell? Are you drunk"

Her: "Nah, I was speeding. So I need two people to come get me, one to drive my car home and the other to drive up here cuz you can't do both. Hurry cuz you know I don't know Bmore too well"

Me: "Umm. Well, you can't go anywhere since they'll take your car, so you should be alright. You don't need to know the city to stay still. Anyway, I'll be up there in about 25 minutes"

If you know like I know, most speeding tickets don't end up like this. But here's the problem: ol' girl doesn't have her license. I took her in August to get her Learner's because she let her old driver's license from another state lapse rather than renew it here and not have to go through the headache. Well when she got her learner's, she found out that she would have to take driver's ed and wait six months until the road test. So like any normal person (rolls eyes), one week after getting this learner's she goes and buys A BRAND.NEW.CAR. She somehow managed to get insurance and has been driving around the city and up and down I-95 ever since driving at NASCAR speeds. Well, don't you know her road test is two weeks from today on the 19th...but this fool decides to be Speed Racer and do 88 in a 50 mph zone. She got pulled over by an understanding cop who gave her a shitload of tickets, and told her that he wouldn't tow her car if a licensed driver came to get her and one stayed with her in the car on the way home. So of course, there I was to scoop her up and go get the other driver from around the way--over the river and through the hood--and that was that. I made it back home and chilled with the crew at my spot.

Saturday, I had lunch with a potential client of my side-hustle insurance brokerage business. I overslept, so when I woke up I had all of about an hour to make myself look like a put-together business lady and clean up the mess that was left in my dining room after my friends destroyed it the night before. (Gotta love the friends who eat all your food, leave you with the mess, but actually voluntarily buy groceries for you!). I figured after that meeting, I'd take a nap then get to shopping like I'd planned. Of course, me being who I am, forgot that I told ol' boy, Questions (former wannabe Mr. Tasha with the "I've got 5 kids that I forgot to tell you about" issues), that we could meet up for a little while.

I still had a set of his car keys from a little over a year ago, when he told me to hold them for safe keeping. So when he called, I started coughin all crazy and he finally said "Damn girl, you sound TERRIBLE. You should go to the doctor. If you want I can take you to the doctor."

Me: "No thanks, I'm just gonna stay in and drink some tea. That was so nice of you to offer though."

Mmmhmm, crisis averted. I just didn't have it in me to deal with his overly clingy self. So after a nap, I headed to ITGuy's house (wannabe Mr. Tasha #3) and caught up for a while since we have conflicting work schedules. Nothing silly, nothing fresh...it was actually just nice to chat. Of course then, off to Pentagon City where I completely destroyed Aldo, Foot Locker, Sephora, and few other places in an attempt to melt my credit card (but no worries, Visa made it through ok and will be paid off next week lol!). That night saw the crew back at my place as usual. Nothing special.

Sunday was more of the same. Got my hair braided finally (so now I can sleep in a little longer in the AM!) then got ready for the Super Bowl parties. I went to a party at ITGuy's house, chilled out there for a while and came home. (Yay Colts!) I talked to PoliceBoy (wannabe Mr. Tasha #4 with potential to actually earn the title) for a while, and we talked about his time in the Army in Afghanistan, then he invited me to do a ride along in his police cruiser one weeknight (not as busy as the weekends and tends to be less dangerous). I know that sounds soo corny, but I'm kind of excited about it. He's the first person in a long time to actually talk to me and get to know me before even getting trying to go elsewhere with the conversation. I kinda feel like a teenager all over again: "ohmygoodness, he actually likes me?" lol. Those days were too much fun!

I was supposed to go to an after-game after party, but once I got home I decided to stay there since it was colder than penguin knuckles outside. So the weekend ended quietly, but was lovely over all.

Anyway, hope yall had a good weekend. And I give my condolences to Chicago fans.


Blogger Honey-Libra said...

Awww shouldn't Mr. Policeboy be Mr. Tasha number 1 then if he has potential to earn the title...I see I'm gonna have to go back and read up on each of these....man I know about the speeding tickets...not the driving without a license though LOL...good to have friends like you :)

Blogger jameil1922 said...

ride in his police cruiser. heh heh heh. :) that sounds really cool! i've always wanted to do that. aldo has the most uncomfortable shoes in america. its like an expensive payless. the shoes are cute but i'm always crippled within minutes.

uhhh... i want your girl not to be ridin dirty that damn fast!! wow..

Blogger Sister Toldja said...

*Grumbling about the Superbowl* Why you bringing up old stuff? We got next year in the bag. Stay tuned.

1) Insurance side hustle? Pray tell, how does one go about that?

2) 1..2.. FOUR wannabe Mr. Tasha's??!?!? Where the heck do you hang out? I'm hitting up the wrong spots!!!! I'm at ZERO wannabe Mr. Toldja's right now and I am DYING!

Blogger emptyHEART said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend, 'but was lonely overall'. I'm right there wit you.

Have fun on this ride along. Remember you are a civilian, so if shit pops off, RUN!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your friend is lucky she got a nice cop in Baltimore, cause a lot of them are mean and not so friendly. And racist, which is ironic in a city that is over 60 % black.

Blogger TDJ said...

Yeah, your friend is very lucky. I drive 895 and go through the tunnel every day. Them boys over there don't play.
Great game, didn't care who won, just wanted to watch a good one.

Blogger Miz JJ said...

Your friend sounds like a trip. Lol. She likes to play by her own rules eh?

Blogger Tasha said...

@Honey-Libra: I'm working on making him #1 lol

@jameil: I need her to not be driving at all. She scares me when she drives...almost hitting pedestrians and parked cars and such. damn!

@Sister Toldja: *hands you a kleenex to wipe your superbowl tears* I'm a licensed life and health insurance agent, so I do some work on the side. If you want to know how to get into it, let me know. And girl, I met #3 and #4 at a coffee shop on U street. Just doing my everyday. I almost gave up too

@emptyheart: I'm gonna make sure and wear a pair of tims and a hoodie that day just in case I gotta get out of some shit

@Anon: I was thinking something similar. With all the craziness that goes on in that city, I'm surprised that the cop didn't try and search her for drugs or something

@tdj: it was a good game, and you're right 895 is NO joke. I hate driving that way because the tunnel scares me...it's tooo long. I'd rather stay on 95 and take the short tunnel

@miz jj: she made up her own rule book and gets mad when people don't play her way lol

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