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Friday, January 26, 2007
Five Things
Aulelia and JaySpice both tagged me, so here you go...

Five Things Yall Didn't Know About Me

1. When I was a little girl, I wanted to grow up to be a rodeo clown
My mom took us to Texas for the first time to visit family when I was about 5 or 6. We went to see a rodeo, and I was enamored with the rodeo clowns. For a period of about a year, all I wanted was western wear and lasso lessons.

2. I'm a Michael Jackson semi-stan
I ADORED MJ with every fiber of my being as a small child, and the first time I saw the Thriller video (well actually The Making Of..), I knew I wanted to take dance lessons so I could be like him and his backup dancers, and maybe be in his next big video spectacle. I used to run around with the red leather jacket and one white glove, with one of my gramma's jheri curl wigs on--this was the 80s, so she was allowed to have a wig like that :-). To this day, I still love old school Mike,can still do the dances blindfolded, and will get real defensive if people start talking sideways about the old music. I think he's out of his mind now though and needs Jesus, Madea, another hit CD, and someone to tell him the truth about his noses.

3. I have playdoh and legos at my desk at all times.
I keep a secret stash of playdoh and a little box of legos at my desk at work. When I get all stressed out, I take a half-hour time out and take it back to my childhood and make some tangle-eyed lego creation or get my playdoh design skills on.

4. I'm inked
Not a big deal, but I've got two tattoos. One is one my back of an ankh and my middle name, and has a double meaning depending on what language you are interpreting my middle name from. The tattoo can either mean "Life Warrior" or "Life With a Pure Heart", and in my case both apply. I've also got one on my right leg in memory of my grandmother.

5. I can solve a Rubix cube
If you give me 5 minutes, I can usually solve most rubix cubes. I don't compete in the timed competitions, but the fastest I've solved one is 1 minute 30 seconds.

Who's next? I pick Golden Silence and Tndrhrt


Blogger Tenacious said...

Hey I'm first :)

I have only one tattoo, I havent decided what I want for the second

I did have small toys in my desk until someone swiped them damn thief it was only a happy meal toy!

I wanted to be an astronaut but then I realized I'm scared of flying

well 5 things I didnt know before :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please post pictures of your tattoos.

Anonymous aulelia said...

you can do a Rubik's cube? I am officially jealous -- those things aren't HARD, they are IMPOSSIBLE.

Blogger beautyinbaltimore said...

Lol,I didn't that there were jheri curl wigs. If you have a pic, please post it.

I'm a Micheal Jackson stan too. I remember when I use to fight the other little girls in the neighborhhod because they said that Micheal was their husband.

Blogger beautyinbaltimore said...

I want a tatoo, was it painfull?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can do a Rubik's cube? I am officially jealous -- those things aren't HARD, they are IMPOSSIBLE.


Co-mafukkin-sign! I still am yet to solve the one I had when they first came out! What's the trick to it?

Blogger Gunfighter said...

She has ink! I knew I liked this young woman!

I have ink, too Tasha... were you reading my blog back in November when I got my most recent?

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