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Friday, February 02, 2007
Black History Friday Factoid
In honor of Black History month, rather than do a Friday Flashback, I'm giving out Black History factoids.

On this day in 1990, South African president F.W. De Klerk promised to free Nelson Mandela and lift the ban in his country on Black membership in the African National Congress.

Also on this day in 1995, the first African American walked in space. While other African Americans preceeded him in space, he was the first to perform a spacewalk. He served as Payload Commmander on STS-63, the first flight of the joint American-Russian space flight program.


Blogger Tenacious said...

I didn't know that @ First Black To Walk In Space

Well My mother told me you learn something new everyday. Thanks!!

Blogger Tenacious said...

@ Tasha

LOL not the alarm clock setting! I remembered we taped the video *lol yeah we were on that that* and every first day of the month we would play the video

Obviously not setting a purse on a floor is a Black person's thing. That was cause for holy hell if you ever set a black womans purse on the floor. people at work know not to touch my purse at all after the last time someone moved my purse from the desk to the floor

Great post Tasha, I had no idea either about the first blackman walking in space was in 1995. Thats recent, or am I old? either way, great facts thanks alot.

Anonymous Curious said...

Does the first Black man who walked in space have a name?

Blogger Tasha said...

I forgot to add, the astronaut's name is Dr. Bernard Harris, Jr.

Blogger afro jamaicano said...

omg im african-american/jamaican buh i can not stand white south africans! they seem to look down on all the blk africans. i mean they make them speak afrikaans instead of their native languages?? wtf is that?

anyway nice blog, it's goin on my faves list,hope u peep mine

Blogger jameil1922 said...

now walk it out now walk it out... is that wrong of me?

Anonymous aulelia said...

south africa prides itself on being called the rainbow nation but i don't know if that country will ever be forgiven for the atrocities of apartheid. it is interesting though because afrikaners see themselves as africans but ironically they feel that they are *superior* to black africans. the hierarchy that exists on the continent is so disgusting!

loving this post - good to see black people up there in space !

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