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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Sam's Club is Da Debil!!!
I don't think I can go in Sam's Club alone ever again. Make that Sam's Club, Costco, BJ's, or whatever Gigantic Wholesale Club that happens to be nearby. I was way early for work, so I stopped in Sam's near my job. My intended purpose for going in there was to buy the industrial sized package of paper towels and napkins and leave. That was not my final purpose though. I left the store with a new 42" TV, DVD Player, two bottles of Pinot Noir, and HUGE package of paper towels and napkins that I think is taller than me.

I had no business with any electronics, nevermind enough paper products to last me until the fourteenth coming of the Messiah. But they were soo cheap! Therein lies the problem. They know I'm in there to buy one thing, but they set up these fabulous great deals in the middle of the aisles like booby traps. The unsuspecting shopper stumbles upon said booby trap deal and thinks to his or herself, "Well, I was thinking about getting a new TV. And it's SO CHEAP! I might as well toss it in, since I won't find a good deal like this again". But Ahaaaa, Ahaaaaa (*trying my best to sound like Eddie Murphy playing the old Jewish guy in Coming to America*)that's the everyday price. They sucker us into thinking this shit's on sale when it's the every day cot damn price.

I know I did a whole post about being wise with your finances, but I can't even front. I got caught up in the Sam's tornado of cheaptitude and let it get the best of me. Rare lapse in judgement. But the stuff was sooo cheap! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Where else in the world can you go into a place that looks like it's made for construction guys who fix light fixtures and show plumber's crack all day and buy all kinds of fun stuff. Trampolines! (Don't act like you haven't seen the trampoline that's tethered to the front of the building) Wine! Clothes! (can't bring myself to participate in that sale. I'll stick to the mall for my outfitting) Jewelry! (He bet' not get me no diamond from Costco!) Industrial size groceries! Toys! Gas! (I need to jump on this, cuz the $2.39/gal at Exxon doesn't look as good as the $2.17/gal at BJ's) New kitchen cabinets! Jacuzzis! Ahh, they have everything you can shake a dollar at. If you can buy it, it's there. That's too tempting.

These places are like little megalopolis metropolises. They're so big and have so much random stuff, they could turn into a self-sustaining village. Just add a Fisher-Price hospital and a Little Tykes Firestation and you're all set. Oh wait, they sell those there too...

But the stuff was soooo cheap!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember I went to Sam's Club and bought this big ass box or airheads and now I'm paying for that shit! My mom used to bring me in those places and spend alllllll day. I hated it! Especially in the car section with all those damn tires.


Blogger TDJ said...

*lol* I love/hate the lure that Costco and BJ's has over me. One day, I'll break the addiction.

Blogger CreativeTDF said...

I wish there was a Costco near me, but after the new year, I will have a car, yes dammit, 26 and I will finally have my own set of wheel, I have two kids so YOU KNOW it will be on and popping. Diapers, wipes, beds, just all kids of shit. I love those places, you can get, Giant box of Condoms, A tub of butter (yea like a real tub hehehehe), tiresm, clothes, dvd and a GUN, that is what is up!

Oh I am linking you...

Blogger Janet M. Kincaid said...

Don't use you just love/hate those stores? We call Costco the $300 Club because it's rare to come out of that place without spending at least $300. And sometimes that's just on the regular crap you need, like Tide and bottled water and toothpaste and toilet paper.

I just got a thing in the mail from BJ's the other day saying "Try BJ's for free for 30 days." If I was smart, I'd burn that puppy. But, I don't think I'm that smart... And the reasons: because sometimes BJ's has Screamin' Yellow Zonkers. And, as you point out, because it's all so cheap.

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