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Monday, October 08, 2007
It's a holiday, woo hoo. Day off, right? Nope. I'm on the plantation, working hard because I have stuff sitting on my desk from last week that I need to get caught up on. I've got plenty to ramble about, but massa is calling me. I'll try and post later on today, if not...have a good Monday and a good day off for most of you.


Anonymous Black Mamba said...

It's not a holiday for me either. :-(

Blogger dc_speaks said...

you have a good day too!

Anonymous Erica C. said...

Hey Kizzie, It's me Erica from the plantation over yonda cross the way!!! Workin right long witcha girl! LOL

Blogger DurtyMo said...

Work Smerk! Happy holiday! LOL

Anonymous Not a Blogger said...

You DC types are getting soft. It's only a Federal Holiday - the rest of the world is working today :-)

On another note, I was in DC this weekend and had me some awesome BBQ at Urban. If you've not been here, check it out: http://www.urbanbbqco.com/.

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