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Thursday, February 15, 2007
Random Ruminations
In no particular order...

~I miss him...

~Why are people, especially women, so quick to give relationship advice when their own situations are jacked up?

~Sometimes you reach a point when you just have to let go and not look back

~I resent being made to feel guilty for moving forward

~This grad school thing is no joke

~Sallie.Mae needs to backthefuggup, my loans are in deferment dammit!

~My family needs to have our own reality TV show

~Why do the eggs in Egg McMuffins look like that?

~How come when you eat Chinese takeout, you're full but then a half hour later you're ready to throw down again

~How come when I drunk dial/text I have no problem finding the numbers, but when I'm sober I can't seem to find them in my cellphone?

~My officemate needs to take a fuggin shower, he smells like hot pepper, tuna, and cheese

~My boss needs to take his ass somwhere with this mess, otherwise he's gonna see this stilleto come off my foot and land squarely in his eye

~It felt good to show the muscleheaded jackasses at the gym that I'm in just as good of shape as they are--but I can be feminine about mine. Yep, a thick chick can run miles and not pass out!

~I love teaching tap. For a part-time thing, it's so satisfying. My students make it worthwhile

~I'm so proud of my girls, they won 4 first place and 2 second place trophies in their last 6 competitions

~How come people fail to realize they need to clean the tops of their cars off too? It's NOT cute to have a sheet of ice come flying at your windshield from the car in front of you when you're going 70 on the Beltway

~Even though it's a sad occasion, I'm looking forward to seeing my mommy and stepdaddy this weekend

~I'm happy he volunteered to come show his support for the funeral

~How come on my new iron, there's a warning label that says the product may get hot?

~Why do shoe sizes differ from country to country? Why do I wear a 10 here, a 42 in Europe, a 26 in Japan, a 7.5 in the UK, etc etc??? It's so confusing to buy sneakers from websites based in other countries, and I was lost when I tried to buy shoes in Paris and London

~How come when you're involved with someone, all kinds of people start coming out of the woodwork? Where were they before??

~My godson is the cutest lil thing. I can't believe he's going to be 2 soon

~Pantyhose are the debil!

~My birthday is in 20 days, not counting today (That would be March 7), so feel free to start your shopping lol

~Why is Maryland so ass-backwards when it comes to snow removal?

~I wish I was back home in NY today. They got 2 feet of snow overnight. I miss real snow

~I haven't gotten to go skiing yet this winter. BOOO

~I need to do some damn work...


Blogger Leon said...

Co sign about grad school...It ain't no joke at all.

I also co-sign about moving forward. I'm tired of people getting mad at me for moving out of Mississippi to Atlanta so I could pursue my dreams and fulfill my goals. If they want to stay there, fine, but don't get all snotty because I wanted something better for myself.

Blogger jameil1922 said...

wow! i'm amazed that you ski. that's cool. i've never gone before. you want 2 feet of snow? so scared. did you know coffee from mcd's is also hot? its a miracle. i love tap! and showing off at the gym!! not "hot pepper, tuna, and cheese!!" that is nasty on a person. i still love egg mcmuffins! :) no, really. why do people who are unhappy as all hell want to tell you how to do it "right?"

Anonymous DJ Black Adam said...

Nice thoughts, nice of you to share.

Love your thoughts Tasha, you're very witty! And um I love egg mcmuffins and my Godson's are ridicoulously cute too. And don't scare me with the grad school talk, I feel faint just thinking about it. What year are you in and what degree are you pursuing?

Blogger Bygbaby said...

"~My officemate needs to take a fuggin shower, he smells like hot pepper, tuna, and cheese" OK you need to bring in some Glade Plug-Ins cuz this sounds awful.


Blogger Honey-Libra said...

In no particular order:

Aren't irons suppose to get hot LOL

YAAAA for your girls

Mine are in deferment too woohoo

Kids grow up so fast

I miss my HIM too lol

Letting go and not looking back can be so hard to do

Blogger Golden Silence said...

why do people who are unhappy as all hell want to tell you how to do it "right?"

Because they want to drag you down in their misery.

Blogger Gunfighter said...

"How come people fail to realize they need to clean the tops of their cars off too?..."

I feel you, Tasha... you must have been behind the same f***in' idiot I was behind on the Springfield interchange this morning.

Anonymous Sugar said...

How in the world come you are driving 70 on the Beltway in the first place?(lolol) Last I checked, the limit was 50/55. Watch that lead foot! (lol)

Blogger GeckoGirl said...

I wandered over here from Honest's site. I just wanted to say hello to another skiing blogger.

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