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Monday, October 22, 2007
Monday Mashup
Ugh. Monday, I wish I could rewind to Saturday and keep enjoying the weekend. Friday's biopsy went well I guess. 4 lesions on my cervix were biopsied and they don't look right, but we'll see when I get the pathology report on November 2. And she did an endometrial biopsy also, which means she got some cultures from my uterus too. No, no anesthesia involved. They said it would *pinch*. Pinch my azz, that mess is sooo painful. I'm still sore and can't do any lifting or go to the gym until the end of the week. I'll spare the nastier details of what's going on, but it's not cute lemmetellya. But thanks for all the prayers and well wishes you all have given, it truly means a lot. Love ya blog peoples!

But Saturday, I got my ish together for the most part and went shopping with the girls all day. I paid for it--my wallet was lighter, and I felt the effects physically. Umm, when the doctor says relax, you're supposed to do that. Not run all over central MD shopping all day. *sigh*. But I did find some cute shoes and jeans. At least something good came of that. D had to work Saturday night, so I went home and relaxed with a heat pad and some strong ibuprofen. Good sleep. Goooood sleep. That drool inducing kind. D said he came home from work and caught me looking like a little girl wrapped up with my blankie and glow worm. (Don't say nuffin about my glow worm, lol)

Sunday me and D had the chance to relax. Skins game, then lunch out, then looking at houses again. We still haven't found the right one, but we're getting there. And we test drove a few trucks. Fun times. And now I'm back here. Boooooo.

Random Foolishness:
On Saturday, some wanna be hard rocker walked up to me and my friend as I was leaving the restroom in Arundel Mills mall and asked, "You girls are so pretty. I've always wanted to date a colored girl. How do I get a colored girl". **Stop the clock, personal foul!** He was so serious too, and when we said, "Don't call her colored. That's a good way to start", he got all red faced and walked away looking embarrassed. Umm, at least he asked nicely. *rolls eyes*.

Hope you all had a good weekend!


Blogger Trenting said...

How do I get me a colored girl..

OMG.. Dumba$$!!!!

Blogger Ms. Behaving said...

LOL @ your response to the random foolishness! Gurl...that's what I'm talkin' bout! [That response oughta set his @ss straight]!!

Wow @ all the tests they have you undergoing. [I've still got a sistah in my prayers]

Glad to hear you got out to enjoy yourself on Saturday. Shew...sometimes some good ole' fashion SHOPPIN/SPENDIN' MONEY is all we gals need to turn that frown upside down ;-)

Now ummm about that glow worm [LOLOLOLOLOL]

Okay...maybe not. Hope you have a Great Day Tasha!!

Blogger Miz JJ said...

What do the new shoes look like?

LOL @ that dude wanting to date a 'coloured' girl. Some YTs are just out there.

Anonymous Black Mamba said...

Good, at least that fool had the decency to be embarrassed by his ignorance...whatever. -smh-

Hey, so glad you're feeling better! That sounds painful, hope your results are good.
ok ok...I'm a bit dumb here, but what the heck is a glow worm??? Never heard of that.

And, umm...what happened to D's responses??? Did I miss them? [checkin' back posts, hmph!]

Blogger dalia said...

biposies HURT! and they can't use anesthesia on uterine tissue because it changes the nature of the cells... i've been there. "pinch my azz," is right. ish hurts like a fomo!

i've been there, been through it. heating pads help! :)

Blogger jameil1922 said...

PLEASE RELAX!!!!! STOP RUNNING AROUND!! THAT IS AN ORDER!! i guess i shouldn't be yelling that huh? ok. *whispering now* please relax. stop running around.

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