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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Only Me
I never knew that shoes could be so dangerous, especially once they're on your feet. This morning, I'm sitting up here with three broken toes and a slightly bruised ego. See, yesterday I thought I was too cute and put on some peep toe wedges and of course, like a fool, decided that I needed to take a walk at lunch time. I don't know why it did not occur to me that walking + wedges may = problems. But of course, I fell off of my right shoe, and landed flat on my face, but I managed to get my foot caught up in the shoe and injured my toes.

I was quick to get back up and keep walking, cuz you know how it is--gotta spring back up after you trip and/or fall so it looks like you didn't hurt yourself, or like you really meant to do that. Gotta maintain that shred of dignity right. But lemme telll yoooou, my toes were swelling all crazy, and I was definitely doing that "my foot hurts like hell, but I'm trying to maintain my cute" walk. I was afraid to take my shoe off for the rest of the day, cuz I knew if I did that, my toes would swell to the size of Barney's fingers.

I drove myself home, but as soon as I walked hobbled into the kitchen, D looked at me and my foot and said, "We're going to the hospital. Baby, your toes are to' up" and holla'd laughing at his 'joke'. Ha.

So needless to say, we ended up at the urgent care place and after a surprisingly short wait, I went to x-ray. They said I broke three toes and may have a slight sprain in my ankle. They sent me home on crutches, wearing the Ace Bandage from hell. I am not a fan. So instead of being a whiny cry baby this morning and staying home, I sucked it up and put on the stinkin ace bandage (cuz now there is NO hope of me getting this foot in anybody's shoe right now) and I am one-crutching it around the office.

There will be no walk during lunch. I think I'll bring some tennis shoes for the next time I get a smart idea like that.


Anonymous Greg said...

I was given a pedicure at a beauty shop as a birthday present just a couple weeks ago. This was all new to me. After I'd soaked my pedal extremities for a while, the proprietress approaches, takes a foot in one hand, and sez, "Ooohhh, you have niiice feet. Men have such nice feet. Women's feet are all crunched up from sticking them in little pointy shoes from when they were young...."
So I wanna take this opportunity to shout out to all women in the world, BE GOOD TO YOUR FEET!

Blogger Always.Funky.Fresh said...

Tasha....man, I'm trying to picture how you feel off of your right shoe!! I think one of those office chicks put the hex on you because they probably liked your shoes!!!! Take care of yourself...

Blogger Honey-Libra said...

Well there's an excuse for him to rub your feet LOL...let me stop

Sad when we try to be so cute and hurt ourselves...make him put lotion on it I bet he wont laugh next time :)

Take it easy chica

Anonymous ARgal said...

Mama nem always said cute a kill ya.....she ain't say nothing about breakin no toes though. How in the hell did you manage to walk back to the office? Oooo child, I feel your pain.

Blogger dcsavvystar said...

TASHA - the price we pay as women. please belive that whenever we step out in our heels we are taking a chance! lol
I'm so sorry your had that injury! seriously! i hope you have an easy recovery :)

Blogger twin said...

keep you head up it could have been worst

Blogger Bklyn Diva said...

ok.. see I'm trying not to laugh but I keep getting this visual!!!

good thing is that you didn't break anything but them toes.. cause you coulda been a lil more jacked up!!!!

take caer of yourself ma..

Anonymous Sugar said...

Aw damn! I'm trying not to laugh, but girl you broke three of your daggone toes!? lmao I hope you feel better. Don't turn down ANY pain pills. lol No need to suffer unnecessarily. Get well! I would have taken a few days off myself, so you get an A for the day for that. :)

Blogger Golden Silence said...

Be careful. I tried to walk with red wedge flip-flops I got from Target, and ended up getting a nasty blister on my left foot which took a little while to heal. Yes, being a woman and trying to look cute all the time is a job in itself!

I hope you have a speedy recovery!

Blogger jameil1922 said...

broke three toes?!?!?! damn!! that's insane!

Blogger Lola Gets said...

Wow, Ive never heard of broken toes as a result of wearing shoes. Ive broken three toes (well one toe twice) because of NOT wearing shoes, lol. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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