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Monday, February 26, 2007
Weekend Recap
This weekend went by entirely too fast for my liking, but was still pretty good. On Friday I was supposed to go to happy hour with a bunch of my co-workers, but they left work 45 minutes before I did, so when it was time for me to leave I didn't even bother with it. I'm not all close with them anyway, so I wasn't all hearbroken from not going. Instead, I went up to Baltimore to visit Brother Bella and chatted with Midwesta on the phone to keep me company during my drive.

Brother Bella and I finished our conversation from last weekend that we were too frazzled to handle at that point. Turns out there have been a lot of miscommunications and misunderstandings between us that once we explained our side of things, shouldn't have gotten as ugly as they did. No siblings should be on the outs like we once were. I'm glad we got all of that cleared up, especially since we've become really close since I moved here. Once we talked, we played a quick game of Madden and for the first time ever, I managed to whoop his team into oblivion! Yeah that's right, I play video games too. After that we met up with his girl, PoliceBoy, and a few other friends for dinner. Today is Brother Bella's birthday, so we wanted to extend the celebration into the weekend.

After dinner, PoliceBoy and I went to a little lounge spot in B-more, chatted and had a few drinks. We were entertained by some drunk couple arguing over who was drunker and who's turn it was to call the taxi to take them home. I don't think I've ever seen something quite so amusing between grown-ass people ever in my life--

Man: "But baaaaaby, I wanna call the cab"

Lady: "N**ga, I already done tol' u I got dis. You too drunk. They won't unnastand you"

Man: "Da Fuck!? You pissy ass drunk. I'm only just drunk. I'm not even drunk. I'm feelin gooood. Niiice, n'aa mean?"

Bartender: "Where are you two headed?"

Man: "Fells Point"

Bartender: "OK"

Man: "Baby, stop lookin at me like that. I'm not drunk! I'mma call da taxi ok? Barman, lemme get another Patron or a Henny and Coke"

Bartender: "Nope. You two are cut off. But your taxi is waiting outside"

Woman: "Da Fuck!? Baby, when did you call the taxi? Shit, we coulda just got a hack"

Man: "I aint call no one"

Bartender: "I did. Now go get in your taxi and have a good night"

I wish one of our phones could capture video, cuz that would have been perfect foolish you.tube material. We left there and went back to his place and completely crashed.

We didn't get up until 2 Saturday afternoon, but it felt good to sleep in. We ran a bunch of errands that afternoon, and I managed to get him to go to the nail shop with me. He sat next to me as I got my eyebrows waxed and I heard him cringe and yelp just a bit each time the strip was pulled off. When I asked him what was wrong he said, "Tasha, some stuff just ain't worth all the pain. Eyebrows are one of those things. You're a stronger person than me cuz I'll be damned if some little woman comes all in my face with hot wax and a little piece of linen thinking I'm okay with that mess. Naaah, my sisters cornered me and jacked my eyebrows all up when I was very young. I'm still traumatized. But you do what works for you baby." We both got pedicures and went on about the day.

Later on we went and saw "Breach" at Columbia Mall. That place needs some extra auxiliary parking or something...people get renegade and leave their vehicle anywhere that it kinda fits and don't give a hot damn. The movie was quite good, and I was impressed that they actually filmed here instead of creating an I-66 and I-495 replica in Hollywood. In the lobby of the theater there were a bunch of high school kids trying all hard to impress each other. It was painfully obvious that they weren't yet comfortable in their own skin and were looking for that "I'm cool" brand of acceptance. You couldn't get me to go back to that phase in life for a million dollars. Nah son, no breaking my neck to try to get the quarterback to think I'm cute. Oh hell naw, lol.

Sunday we woke up to falling snow. I got kinda homesick for a while because the way the snow was falling and how fast it accumulated reminded me of back home. PoliceBoy could see I was feeling a little sad so he took me outside and we built a snowman and had a snowball fight. It was too much fun--I felt like a little girl again for just a little while. No worries about bills, and business, etc.

After our tryst in the snow, I went back home and caught up on some paperwork and stuff--the stuff I couldn't put off anymore but was trying to avoid like the plague. I finally finished my taxes, and all I can say is Thank You Maryland! I watched the Oscars of course then went to bed. Yay Forest and Jennifer!! Yay Hollywood for recognizing talent over skincolor, at least in those categories!

Hope yall had a good weekend!

***Happy Birthday Brother!! I love you!***
Countdown to my Birthday: 9 days!


Anonymous reen said...

Yay Forest and Jennifer!! Yay Hollywood for recognizing talent over skincolor, at least in those categories!

Not only just color but size. I was so happy about that.

And those fools definitely did not need to go down to Fells Point! Oh no they would have been sleeping on a bench down there, that place is grimy, and they obviously did not need to hit up another bar, and that's all there is over there.

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