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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Renegade Telemarketers
When I moved here, I immediately signed myself up for the National Do Not Call list. I don’t know why I even bothered with that, because the telemarketers keep calling. Everytime another one calls, I politely inform them that I am on the list and they need to not call me again. I can’t even lie, a few times I’ve come at them really sideways and thrown some four letter pleasantries at them. Alright alright, so it’s really the other way around…a few times I’ve been polite, but usually they catch me while I’m eating dinner or when I don’t want to be bothered so I can’t help but be stank.

I worked for a few days as a telemarketer in college, so I know just how hard their jobs are. You notice I said a few days? Yeah, umm…I got tired of people hanging up in my ear. However, I know that the telemarketing firms know which numbers are blacklisted, so there is no excuse for this shit.

These telemarketers have gotten way gangsta for my liking. Last night, my phone rang and instead of seeing the telltale generic 800 number on my caller ID, I saw a 301 area code, so I figured it was one of my friends calling me from a new number. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: “Hello”

Telemarketing Wench: “Hey girl, how you doin!?”

Me: “I’m good girl, who’s this?”

TW: “I’m calling from AB&C Mortgage Company. I’d like to talk to you about setting up your financing for your upcoming home purchase”

Me: “Da Fuck!? Are you serious!?”

TW: “Yes ma’am. Are you planning on purchasing a home in the next six months?”

Me: “Oh my *lots of expletives omitted*! What kind of renegade shit are you trying to pull calling me acting like you know me?”

TW: “Are you planning a home purchase?”

Me: “Oh my fucking Gawd! I’m on the *more nasty expletives omitted* do not call list”

TW: “I’m sorry, we’ll take your name off our list.”

Me: “Thank You. But I gotta give it to you, that’s a good trick”

Wow, this is getting out of control. I’m thisclose to never answering my phone again. I halfway expect to hear telemarketers posing as family members next. Can you imagine having your phone ring and you think you’re talking to your mother, then you hear “You’ve been approved for our credit program…” Living in a suburb of arguably the most powerful city in the country, you’d think this stuff would be in check.

Hold on, my cousin Dialtone wants to speak to you…

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Blogger BigRAY_3183 said...

Damn thats warped out of control, but at the same time I am not the least but surprised. I believe that a person could be asked to be taken off of a list how many times and it still wont matter the shit just keeps happening at least thats what I am getting.

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