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Thursday, November 02, 2006
Something to make you go hmmm
I just noticed something as I was coming out of the 7-11 this morning. It seems like most Lotto ads, especially DC Lotto and Maryland Lottery feature minorities--usually black people. The same was true back home in Albany, NY. Even on the radio, the voices heard in the ads are usually ghetto sounding black voices. We also play more lotto games than anyone else it seems. Don't believe me, go to a convenience store or a liquor store on payday afternoon and you will see a horrendously long line of mostly black people buying scratch offs and playing their lotto numbers.

I used to work at a convenience store back in high school, and every other Friday these two women would come in and spend $100 each on scratch off tickets and another $100 each playing 'their numbers'. As soon as they walked in it would start, "Uhhhh, lemmmeee ahhhh get 40 Fat Cats, 12 Bingos...." and "Lemmmeee get 15-47-36-58-74-52 straight and box 25 times and 25 $2 quick picks". That lotto language is still over my head, I just punched in the numbers I heard and prayed I hit the right keys and handed them their little dream tickets to a better life. It's cool to play lotto once in a while, I'm not ashamed to admit that every now and again I'll spend a few bucks on scratch off tickets or buy a ticket for the mega millions drawing when the jackpot gets huge. But to spend $200 every two weeks when you can barely afford to pay your rent is beyond stupid to me, but alas the lotto machine is the closest a lot of ghetto dwellers will ever get to Las Vegas.

I digress. Going back to my real point...have you ever noticed that the ads feature minorities most of the time, but 9 times out of 10 the people who win the big jackpots are white?


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