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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
See what gimme got you?
It's been all over the news about Oprah's latest audience giveaway and how she feels it's her best yet. I'm surprised though by the amount of disapproval expressed by not only some of the audience members but members of the general public. I guess after she gave her whole audience new cars in 2004, people just expect to receive lavish gifts from her. During some of her other "Favorite Things" shows, she's given away Burberry coats, Coach bags, and all kinds of other goodies.

It's pretty damn pathetic that people are upset because they got money to give to charitable causes rather than new shiny toys to play with. Are we really that removed from the misery surrounding the Gulf Coast hurricanes? If I had a random extra $1,000 to give to charity, I'd do it joyously.

Sure, a giveaway of this nature has got to be a huge tax break for Ms. Winfrey, but I'm glad that she's allowing these people to give to the causes closest to their hearts. It irks me to no end that people actually had the nerve to walk up into her show expecting to get free stuff. This woman is under no obligation to give anything to anyone. Maybe if she didn't think her audience was getting greedy, she would have continued to give gifts of stuff rather than charity.

When you say "gimme gimme gimme" all the time without sincere gratitude, your next gift may be exactly what you need--a dose of humility and a big slice of humble pie.


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