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Thursday, November 02, 2006
My name is Tasha and I approve this message...
Oh my goodness, I will be so glad when this election season is over. I'm so sick of hearing and seeing these ads for political candidates. For this not to be a presidential election year, the mudslinging has reached an all-time low. Candidates are pounding the campaign trail pavement pretty hard talking about everything and nothing, trying to garner votes.

I understand trying to play up an opponent's weaknesses to make them look like a less than worthy candidate. I also understand the necessity of running ad campaigns. However, with the amount of trash-talking going on in said ads, I don't even know what the candidates' platforms are. I have no idea what they truly support and what they don't, all I know is that they hate their opponents the way I hate oatmeal--trust me, that's a lot. Most politicians use their TV budgets to talk about their stand on the issues of the moment, not talk about how much they like puppies.

There are also the ads sponsored by organizations other than the candidates' camps that make no mention of the person they support. These ads just dis the other party, and spread rumors to cast shadows of doubt in the minds of the voters who intend to vote for the offending party. The ads also feature random negative statistics about the candidate that they don't want you to vote for. You can distinguish this type of ad from the others because they don't feature the "good" candidate saying something like, "I'm _____ and I approve this message".

I realize that this is an important election year because control of Congress is at stake, but the sheer childishness of how it's being handled makes me kind of apathetic. I'm almost to the point where I don't even want to vote because none of the candidates are doing a good job of presenting their plans for making changes that affect everyday people.

This country already has a problem with fewer people exercising their right to vote at election time, but the politicians are not making the situation any better by acting like a bunch of cliquish middle schoolers talking junk left and right. People don't want to be a part of that, they just want it to be over. Honestly, I'm almost sorry that women and minorites fought so hard to give us the right to vote. My apologies suffragettes, my apologies civil rights leaders, but this year having the right to vote is kind of a burden.

I guess I'll just have do my best to sift through the barbecued bullshit that these politicians are hurling at their consitituents and make the best educated vote that I can.


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