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Friday, December 01, 2006
World AIDS Day Today

Today is World AIDS Day. Visit The World AIDS Day Site to learn more about what can be done to fight this insidious disease. We all know how to protect ourselves in the sexual realm and know to stay away from IV drug use and the like, so rather than give some preachy sounding lecture or put all kinds of statistics out there, I'm going to be quiet and allow for some reflection time. Just reflect on the disease and how it affects every single one of us, whether you're infected or know someone who is or are just saddened by the images of and pathos surrounding it.

And to the people close to me who've died at the hands of the HIV and AIDS--my godfather, one of my uncles, a childhood friend, and most recently one of my tap teachers--may you all rest in peace. And my prayers are going out to the souls of those who have died, the people left dealing with the aftermath, the survivors, the family members, and people like me--supporters of a cure. With time, patience, prayer, and science we may just be able to beat this disease.

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